Counterfeit Drugs
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Counterfeit Drugs

Post by RK News on Thursday, November 24, 2022

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The news of spurious and substandard drugs sold in the markets of Kashmir appears in the local media every now and then. We find nothing unusual in the repeated occurrences of such ugly things. But even after occasional exposures and strict actions taken by the concerned officials it has been observed that the ill practice of selling spurious and sub standard dugs refuses to end. Since it entails huge profit making, many people find themselves tempted to make a killing out of this trade.  So in order to make it impossible to acquire these drugs and then sell them in the markets stringent measure must be put in place. The action of sealing the shops found involved in this heinous crime does help in bringing the matter into public gaze, but need is to go beyond. Furthermore, genuine drug manufacturing companies are also adversely impacted by this. The fact that counterfeit drugs are packaged in such a way that it is almost impossible to differentiate them apart from real ones makes it difficult to eradicate their distribution in the market. The fake drug industry thrives on the public's ignorance and the lack of an effective regulatory framework. Since the production and selling of counterfeit drugs is largely a covert practice, the government must maintain constant surveillance with active participation from the public. Medical practitioners are allowed by law to prescribe medicines based on their salt content rather than the trade name of a drug maker. The authorities must ensure that it is enforced because it will help to discourage doctors from taking commissions from drug firms. In the valley, the current drug testing labs must also be modernized and there is also a need for stringent punishments for those involved in bogus drug trafficking. In order to curb the sale and marketing of fake drugs, the government should offer cash prizes to those who can provide any information of fake drugs being manufactured or sold in the markets. People should also buy medicines from reputable and well-established pharmacies only. In this regard, public awareness programmes should be initiated at an earliest. The illicit drug trade can also be thwarted by equipping the Drug Control Organization with intelligence and legal cell, as well as a proper logistics system. Given the serious consequences of counterfeit drugs on public health as well as the financial implications to legitimate manufacturers, there is a pressing need to tackle the threat at all levels that makes spurious drug selling impossible in the valley. Need of the hour is to unearth the sources wherefrom these drugs pour into valley. Unless those sources are decimated, spurious drugs will always keep finding newer outlets.