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Corona virus

Post by on Friday, January 21, 2022

First slide

Years passed, this corona is yet to evanesce

Preyed millions already, perchance millions yet to depress

Though Wuhan was its first birthplace

Post-haste ubiquitously would it dilate

It brought entire world to a standstill

It variants are getting day by day severe

New vocabulary we learnt dribs and drabs

Quarantine, physical distancing and covid jabs

It put a lid on all schools and universities

It hasrendered the education a new adversity

Students are longing for resumption of school

When this virtual teaching is going to cease its rule

Tradesmanhad to also bear its brunt

Myriad economic challenges they had to confront

I supplicate to lord for the cessation of this death-dealing virus

I know this punishment has befallen us for being impious



( The poet is Columnist and Law student at Kashmir University. He tweets at ummar_jamal)





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