Coping ways with depression
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Coping ways with depression

Post by Dr Bhavna Barmi & team on Sunday, December 4, 2022

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Managing depression is possible beyond medication. Making and following subtle new healthy changes in life can help a person boost their mood which in turn leads to a decrease in stress, and increase in self esteem, etc.
See a therapist
When it comes to seeing a therapist, psychotherapy is often recommended to people going through a rough patch of their life. Psychotherapy greatly helps in minimizing stress and coping with its trigger.
Maintain a journal
Although seeking therapy plays a huge role in minimizing depression but so is journaling. However little a role it may look like its playing India the process of coping with depression, writing on journal reigns supreme among all the coping tactics as it is highly convenient to keep band is free of charge. It’s a big stress reliever as you open yourself up to it without fearing that anyone would come and judge you.
Follow a routine
Make a consistent schedule and stick to it. If you’re someone diagnosed with depression, you may from time to time feel lost. But setting up a time table and sticking to it relieves you from that feeling. You feel disciplined, focused and following a step by step plan will leave you feeling confident about yourself.
Involve yourself
Social life is important. But depression makes us want to stay away from people. It is because there may be low self esteem or lack of interest in things. But, giving up on social connections just makes our depression worse. To avoid that, surround yourself with people who care about you. They will help you feel less isolated.
Depend on others
Depending on people who care about you can make us feel liberating. They can help us make ourselves feel better at times when it gets hard to love ourselves. When depression brings you down, they will be the ones to pull you up. Friends and family encourage us to keep following our treatment plan, to keep exercising, to keep eating a healthy diet, and all in all, to take care of ourselves. Joining a depression support group may also do the trick.
Exercising for at least 15-20 minutes is suggested for people with depression. A little 10 minute brisk walk everyday is also a good way to activate your body to participate and be in sync with surroundings more. Practice meditation and if it gets hard to stay consistent and motivated to exercise, hit up a friend and exercise together. Exercising helps boost mood as it releasehappy chemicals like endorphins in body.
Take care of your diet
Depressed individuals either overeat or they under eat. To make a balanced diet is extremely imperative to cope with depression. Food affects our mood and energy. Too much junk can be harmful and makes us feel lazy and de motivated. But having plenty of fruits, veggies and whole grains may uplift it. The step would be slow as junk food give us instant gratification in contrast to veggies, however in the long run, it is the vegetables and the protein filled that you ate would be helpful in not only making you less depressed but also physically healthy.
Don’t dwell on problems
Staying at one issue and making it into a big deal only contributes to an increase in anxiety levels. It is wise to stop focusing on whats wrong and start turning our negative thoughts into positive ones. Vent out the problem to someone who cares about you. This can help your mood get a boost.
Notice good things
Keep a note of the things that brings you pleasure. Express gratitude of all the good things that you've been blessed with. Depression leads a person to feel hopeless. And to combat that hopelessness, one must keep feeling content in one's own self and try to develop a positive attitude towards the world. Notice its beauty, take a walk in the nature, notice its beauty. Forming a relationship with such a mind set is an ace against our fight with depression.
All in all, be kind to yourself, show yourself some compassion and seek help whenever the need arises. Always remember you are not alone. Confide in people you trust and stay patients as it’s a slow treatment to cure depression. Have faith in your little stepson, for they will lead your planted seed to grow into a healthy tree in future.
Interesting things to know about liars 
The most important strategy used by liars is to use simple and clear words. They avoid adding extra details and provide information that is short and easy to understand. They are experts at knowing the right time to tell a lie. These qualities set them apart from poor liars, as the latter add too many details and get caught.
Types of liars 
Most people are honest. Recent research shows that most lies are told by the same, small group of people known as "prolific liars". In the Variance in the Prevalence of Lying study, researchers created a statistical model to distinguish prolific liars from everyday, or "normal," liars.
Prolific liar revealed
• Prolific liars are those who report telling five or more lies per day.
• More likely than the average person to believe that lying is acceptable under certain circumstances.
• They are less likely to lie out of concern for others and more likely to lie for self-interest, such as protecting secrets.
People are more likely to lie for their team 
Studies have found that people are more willing to lie in order to receive incentives that benefit the whole team. In a group setting, people tend to feel less guilty about lying because they are helping others. They are less afraid to lie because there is less chance that they will suffer all the guilt.
Lying down can distort memories 
For most people, lying about an event increased their confidence that the event did not happen when asked about it later.
However, 10-16 percent of the participants appeared to have their memories altered by their lies, as they reported that they believed their lies were actually true. Scientists believe that in these cases, lying has the same power as imagination to alter memories.
Why it is hard for liars to answer questions?
If you suspect someone is lying to you but aren't sure, an easy way to find out is to ask them the "Why?" question. It is much harder for people to lie about why they did something or why something happened than it is for them to lie about basic facts. If someone tries to explain their intentions and cannot, it's a big red flag that they're lying.
How to know if your partner is loyal? 
Loyalty and respect go hand in hand. So if they don't have respect for you, they might not be very loyal. If they're not considering or talking about the future with you, they might not be all that invested in the present either. 
"Someone who doesn’t take you into consideration for the long-term wants to take each day as it comes rather than focus on a future with you,"says Danielle Sepulveres, sex educator and author of Losing It: The Semi-Scandalous Story of an Ex-Virgin.
Signs of disloyal partners
 They treat the relationship like a chore; they do not stay in the present and experience the moments like you do.
 They flirt with others very frequently, even if you are uncomfortable with it.
 You are not on their priority; they mostly choose other things like friends, events, parties over you almost all the time, even after confrontations.
 Their care for you decreases visibly in a relatively shorter period of time.
 They have cheated you with someone else in the past and they have not addressed the issue for a long time.
 They gaslight you very often whenever they are at fault; they will not accept their mistakes and will make you feel guilty for thinking a particular way.


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