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Consumption of fruits up by 40% during Ramadan

On an average, 100 truckloads of fruits arrive at the Mandi in Srinagar on daily basis.

Post by on Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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Mir Baseerat

Srinagar, April 20:  The consumption of fruits has increased by 40 percent in the month of Ramadan.

On an average, 100 truckloads of fruits arrive at the Mandi in Srinagar on daily basis.

While speaking to Rising Kashmir, President Fruits Growers Association Basheer Ahmad Basheer said that truckloads of fruits including watermelon, melon, banana, mango grapes and pomegranate arrive every day.

“Watermelon and Melon is consumed mostly in this holy month,” said Basheer.

As per Basheer each truckload of fruits costs around Rs 7 lakh

He said that the traders suffer huge losses every time a truck laden with fruits is stuck on the national highway.

“Sometimes our trucks are stuck on highway for days all together and only Banana and grapes have better shelf life,” said Basheer.

 “We manage to get at least 40 trucks of bananas each daily. People here are fond of bananas especially due to its taste and nutritional value,” said Basheer.

“Different varieties of grapes in almost 8 to 10 truckloads also arrive at the mandi daily,” said Basheer.

Hassan Sheikh, a local fruit vendor in Srinagar who has been in this business for decades said the consumption of fruits has always increased in the month of Ramadhan.

“In Kashmir, the consumption of fruits is always good here and the prices are affordable too but in Ramdhan with the increase in consumption, prices also go up,” said Sheikh.

Besides fruits, dates are also highly consumed during the month of Ramadhan.

Basheer Ahmad Basheer said that dates are only consumed during this holy month.

"Dozens of truckloads of dates are imported to the valley," said Basheer.


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