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Post by on Tuesday, July 19, 2022

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A report published in Rising Kashmir on Monday divulged the information that Srinagar has witnessed 163 road accidents from January 2022 to May this year, in which 10 people lost their lives and 174 got injured. This data is compiled by the Traffic Police Department. Giving further details of the accidents, SSP Traffic also revealed that 104 accidents happened due to Four-wheelers and 35 accidents by two-wheelers. Further, 15000 challans were produced by the traffic department so far against violators indulging in different traffic related offences.  While it is a fact that Traffic Department is trying its best to prevent road accidents by informing people about safe driving practices through campaigns special drives, and awareness programmes which the department is conducting from time to time. But in spite of these efforts, the number of road accidents has been increasing every year in the valley. From road planning to preventive measures, nothing has worked in controlling the high rate of accidents in Valley. While many roads in and around Srinagar city have developed cracks and potholes due to weather conditions, other link and connecting roads that run through the length and breadth of Kashmir are equally prone to incidents and mishaps. Also, despite organizing a number of workshops and campaigns on road safety each year, the sensitivity shared by people to the mishaps is low-toned. Common perception is that traffic and driving rules are mostly ignored by drivers as well as pedestrians. The government must move the traffic department to act more stringent and impose rules and regulations. Proper road planning is must to cut down on the accidents rate. The patchwork that administration and the concerned department particularly are known for must stop and roads should be build and renovated with safety concerns in view. What makes road accidents a tricky issue is the uncertainties about when and where they might occur? Though there doesn’t seem to be any method to know when they might occur, but with scientific means the weak spots can easily be identified. Besides human factors, road accidents are also spurred by factors like physical shape and conditions of roads, bends, elevations and declines. Many a times also, the soft approach of traffic cops spoils the situation. Teenagers who are yet to reach the age required by licensing authority have been found driving cars and two-wheelers. Therefore, a multi-pronged approach is needed to deal with problem of road accidents in the UT.   




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