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Climate change and challenges ahead
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Climate change and challenges ahead

Need of the hour is to sustain the balance of the planet with a sensible approach and action plan and ensure a better future for all life

Post by on Monday, August 1, 2022

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Any undesirable disturbance in the ecosystem creates imbalance in biodiversity and consequently affects life. We are facing great challenges on Mother Earth in terms of climate due to certain subtle changes affecting life. Man is spearheading all these indiscriminate activities on Mother Earth causing threat to the ecosystem. Our survival is at stake and most of the population is unmindful of future climatic crises. Land, sea and wildlife are facing great threat by unplanned industrialization, infrastructure development and excessive use of fossil fuels. This has been instrumental for the loss of many of nature's gifts and benefits. We are losing priceless landscapes, and the wildlife is under persistent threat. One of the major challenges to climate and biodiversity are changes caused by destruction of wetlands, forests and other land Forms due to unabated industrial extension and infrastructure projects etc. We must protect our wildlife at any cost and restore the wildlife which have been disturbed or deteriorated in various parts of the world.

The UN weather chief has given a wakeup call in view of the current heat wave due to greenhouse emissions into air. The heat wave has also swept the European countries with record high temperatures which demand mitigation at earliest.UK has been experiencing record high temperature   which effect life and transportation even rail service got badly affected. Now china has also shown same climatic concerns andthe government has issued heart warning alert as heat wave isrising faster than average global mark.  It clearly indicate future climate changes and challenges ahead   to the nation

Startling revelation was recently made by the Meteorological department when it was reported that record breaking heat waves in various regions of the world and especially capital city Delhi, which recorded an all-time high 49 C. We have been experiencing less rainfall in different parts of India. Jammu and Kashmir which was once known for wet weather has shown 70% decline in rainfall during March -April 2022, against the normal 288 mm rainfall J&K has received mere 64. 8mm.The new analysis comes as an eye opener regarding a climate report from the World Meteorological Organization and UN atmospheric science body that has warned that four key indicators of climate change set new records in the year 2021 in terms of greenhouse gas concentration, sea level rise, ocean heat and acidification.

The world Meteorological organization WMO noted in its report that last seven years from 2015-2021 were globally the warmest years on record, and April 2022 was declared hottest by IMD. Now the onus lies on mankind to streamline activities on Mother Earth to tackle climate imbalance. We must check fossil fuel pollution and replenish the renewable bio energy, plantation need to be taken at holistic scale and discourage deforestation, and contain plastic pollution which created havoc on land and water. We need to safeguard the biodiversity by redirecting activities which are indispensable with alternate means and ways to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases which is main cause of global warming and triggered the increase in sea level by affecting millions of coastal dwellers. The oceanic heat has also been increasing with record high affecting marine life, acidification has also touched higher mark mainly by plastic pollution as the plastic breaks down into micro plastics that find their way into marine organism and indirectly into other non-marine organisms hence accumulating in the food chains, so dire need is to fight plastic pollution in oceans and on land.

Global warming has endangered many species and few are at the verge of extinction, it has raised food security crises in different regions.  Efforts are on to contain global warming as various countries along with India encourage  use of biofuels and take  other eco-friendly measures which have less effect on the environment than fossil fuels. Bio fuels involve direct conversion of biomass into liquid fuels which are blended with other types of fuels; ethanol and biodiesel are the two main biofuels used in transport fuels.  Bio fuels are comparatively ideal fuels which mainly produce fewer emissions, particulates, sulphur dioxide and less toxic substances because biofuels are obtained from organic substances which have relatively low carbon intensities

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in its report has painted sensitive picture as; Climate change is already impacting every corner of the world and much more severe impacts are in store if we fail to halve greenhouse gas emissions in this decade and immediately scale up adaptation, the water crisis is another challenge to life. India ranks 13th amongst countries with highest water stress, recent NITI AAYOG report suggests that nearly 600 million Indian are facing high to extreme water stress.

Extreme heat and record floods are already threatening. Food security is at risk which will deprive millions of people from decent livelihood. Climate change and challenges ahead may increase mortality, and various diseases. Need of the hour is to sustain the balance of the planet with a sensible approach and action plan and ensure a better future for all life.


(Author is Columnist and can be reached on: irasoolaleem@gmail.com)

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