CEF group to process 70k tonnes of Dal Lake waste
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CEF group to process 70k tonnes of Dal Lake waste

Post by RK News on Tuesday, June 6, 2023

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Srinagar, June 05: Clean energy provider CEF Group on Monday said it will start the conversion of 70,000 tonnes of Jammu & Kashmir's Dal Lake waste, like weeds and lilies, into organic manure and allied products.
The conversion process will kick-start in August 2023 at the waste processing plant of CEF Group, where Dal Lake waste will be treated and processed in the CEF plant, being set up in Srinagar to produce more than 20 thousand tonnes of organic manure, a company statement said.
Maninder Singh Nayyar, founder & CEO of CEF Group, said, "Every year, thousands of tonnes of waste is generated from the Dal Lake, which poses problems for local people in the area and adds pollutants to the environment. We are aiming to resolve this problem at the root level".
We have the technology, expertise and experience of converting this extracted waste into 24,000 tonnes of organic manure annually, he said.
It will help farmers to adopt organic farming and serve waste management purposes for people involved in jobs at Dal Lake.
Moreover, organic manure produced from the waste will be available at local farmers' disposal, boosting their yield and promoting organic farming in the region.
The farmers of Kashmir pay heavy prices for organic manure as currently it is supplied from states like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana because of which they have to bear high transportation costs.
With this project, organic manure will be available to farmers at reasonable costs. In addition, the waste processing plant will generate employment opportunities for local people. This project will elevate organic farming in the region and aid in replacing chemical fertilisers.
Lake waste like weeds, lilies, and others accounts for 70,000 tonnes of waste every year in Dal Lake hindering boat movements in the lake and causing problems for locals earning from Dal Lake tourism.
With the help of CEF Group's waste processing plant in Srinagar, Kashmir, these wastes will be extracted and provided to the company at their project site to convert them into usable organic manure and allied products. PTI

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