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Caring for the elderly
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Caring for the elderly

Post by on Friday, April 15, 2022

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The elderly or the senior citizens is a very important subject in every society of the world. It is a fact that elderly are not respected and are not wanted in some Western societies. In most of the developed countries, many of the elderly people are sent to senior citizen homes or old age homes instead of keeping them in their own houses or instead of being cared for by their own children. Many of the elderly are robbed on streets or either killed. It seems that the elderly are unwanted by the new generation for one reason or other. This type of life for the elderly is miserable and unbearable. Such type of a situation is considered to be a crisis in the society. Unfortunately elderly abuse is a growing concern in India also. According to Longitudinal Ageing Study in India (LASI), at least five percent of India’s elderly population experienced ill treatment in 2020. It needs to be corrected as soon as possible or else the crisis would lead to a catastrophe. Islam teaches us to respect the elderly whether they are parents, relatives or any old person. We should do our best to respect the elderly and especially our parents. It is a bad habit to disrespect our elderly. It is also bad to get rid of our parents and send them to nursing homes. The presence of our parents in our own houses is a blessing from Allah (SWT). Their presence will bring peace, happiness, concord, tranquility, mercy and reward from Allah (SWT). We should try our best to make our parents happy in order to make our homes a better place to live in. We should feel sorry for those elderly who are living a tough life, that they are not wanted in the society that they are deserted, and that arson is committed on them to get rid of them. We should try to establish a better society where there is no generation gap and no animosity between the young generations towards the elderly. Instead, there should be kindness, respect, sympathy, concern and love towards one another. In all the cases, we should respect the elderly even if they are senile and our respect to the elderly is more confirmed towards our parents. Our elders are the undeniable rock solid foundation of our society and they deserve our respect, love, mercy, compassion come what may.


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