Career Goals and Mental Health
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Career Goals and Mental Health

Post by on Monday, January 24, 2022

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Comparisons and competitions have increased so much in this era of technology.This became a thing to reach a certain point at a certain age and taken as a compulsion like without it, life is at stake. Such traditions leave people pressurized. In the fear of rejection from society, people wear themselves down to the point where they aren't able to take it anymore. Nothing comes without a cost, same goes with the desirability of acquiring the status and by compromising on physical and mental health. How often do we see people losing their minds from drained and overstimulation work? It's quite often, we are in the generation where we see others' capabilities by the zeros of one's account balance. In such an environment, one tends to incline unknowingly to get more of figures, for the acceptance by the people he cares.


Making high goals and keeping the energy to achieve those is not a bad thing but balancing between two by knowing one's capabilities is important. One should always know the breakable point of their stretching otherwise it can cost lifetime damage. When talking about career, automatically mental health comes into the frame as career problems precede mental health. Most of the youths are being affected by it. The pressure they get from parents is unbearable and stresses that they become victims of anxiety, depression and many other illnesses. Such problems can arise if one isn't serious about mental health. People are being more aware of things happening around with time but still, they get ignored when it comes to mental health. They brush it off like some unwanted time and energy-consuming thing. But they don't know scoffing it uncured can make life more chaotic and less productive. Mental health should not be taken for granted but should be everyone's priority. It's everyone's responsibility to take care of their mental health to live a life that they dream of. 


It is also the responsibility of the workplace to create such an environment where one employee doesn't feel burnout and can share his/her problems without any hesitation. And by considering those problems employees stress can be dealt with. Making employees work till late, and intervening in their personal life with work at weekends can hinder one's peace of time. So respecting employees' time can be the better option for the superior to win their workers hearts. One should always remember that if one isn’t happy with whatever he is doing then the result won’t be any better. An employee whose mental state is not good can also affect other employees mental state and can hinder the progress of the organization. For the sake of the organization and cooperation between employees, their priorities should be valued.


One can balance between career and mental health by improvising the following steps:


• Pace oneself, one always wants to reach the finishing point as soon as possible and forgets about enjoying the journey. They want jobs now, they want to be successful now, they want to be rich now, they want everything right now despite understanding that everything has its way to go with. They rush towards a career, and on the way, they stress out, get anxious and when they reach the point they are supposed to they don't feel triumphant because the down focus is on the last point despite enjoying and learning things in every step. While pursuing a career, they rule out every other thing thinking they have enough time, and when time flies, they are left with nothing. And regrets it in the end.


• Mindfulness technique, Mindfulness complements emotional intelligence and equips us with the capacity to manipulate our feelings internally and externally. It brings out the present and skips disturbing memories and worrying about the future. Mindfulness and its effect on strain are likewise connected to some physiological advantages such as decreased blood pressure, progressed memory, and decreased melancholy and anxiety. It balances by helping to make a bridge between work and life. When one is aware fully of the present, what he needs then things start to work out.


• Prioritizing the time, you have to prioritize time like what’s important and urgent, and what’s not. You should know the demand of the time. Not everything needs your attention and energy so use it well. be clear about your priorities in your workplace so that you can have your own time without any hindrance.


• Aware of your strength and weaknesses, you can’t be good at everything so you need to concentrate on the task you can do. For having impression and validation, one shouldn’t put his foot in every boat, otherwise, it can sweep you away.  Wearing oneself to get something you are not good at all makes you exhausted and anxious. So be clear and truthful towards yourself.


• Spare your time, it matters how much time you give to work or friends or family or oneself. You should always spare time for yourself to analyze what’s going on in life, what should be changed or modified, what pesters you or what makes you happy. This helps you to know what to do. Giving oneself time is an investment in yourself. Being fully aware of what you are doing is the way to remain sane in this life.


• Stick to a set of works, have a set of work hours and stick to it. You may not have the power to choose the work hours but the power of sticking to it is in your control. It shouldn’t be like you are working until midnight.


• Exercise, a busy schedule can wear you out but the exercise can rejuvenate you. Ensure exercise is given to your priority. A healthy body means a healthy mind and a healthy mind means function work. 


• Make time for hobbies, do not forget to live your life with what you love. When you follow your hobbies, it makes you feel happy and that keeps you going on in working life. You need stimulation to get going in life whether from caffeine or coffee or from laughing hard.


A career gives meaning to your life and is a medium to fulfil your life. Life is much more than we know, it just needs a different perception. Balancing everything in life is the only way to live it beautifully. Otherwise, people of this generation are in rush, rush for everything. They just forget the essence of life and are in the crowd walking down the road of success not knowing what it means success to them. They can't spare a second of their life, get so busy in their career everything gets ruled out. Career goals are important to keep us living a meaningful life but one shouldn't forget what it means to live. It's a huge part but not a whole life. Nothing is worth it if it costs your mental health. We have been hearing health is wealth, well it is true. 

Do not forget where we come from, mother earth, so spare time to watch the sunset, beautiful blooming flowers, and let gushing air strike your cheeks. Everything around you will be cheerful and giving. What we sow inside is what we get outside, so do know you have the strength to light up the whole world.

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