By 15 Adeeba has already published 'AN EVIL IN MY LIFE, 'Variegated Thoughts'
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By 15 Adeeba has already published 'AN EVIL IN MY LIFE, 'Variegated Thoughts'

Post by on Sunday, July 25, 2021

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When Adeeba Feroz Shah started writing a diary to jot down her feelings , little did she know that her hobby would one day turn her into a writer of two books.
According to the young author from Safa Kadal area of old town in Srinagar , in recent years, she was witnessing something unusual in her life which was giving her sleepless nights and uncontended heart. She was not able to express it so she decided to document her experiences.
From her nightmares to sobbing she would jot down everything in her diary.
One day her father, who is a school lecturer, happened to read her diary. While appreciating his daughter, he told her how her writing kept him gripped.
"My father said he couldn’t believe that I could write so well. His appreciative words gave me a strange boast. After this I gave my dairy to my English teacher to read."
Her teacher found the diary worth reading and asked her to wait for his response. Few days later Adeeba's teacher called and said that he will proofread the copy after which she can send it for publishing.
Awestruck by the words, Adeeba had never thought of publishing. "I had only written my anecdotes and never felt like I should publish it but after receiving words of appreciation, I felt encouraged."
She received the proofread copy a week later and then her father did research for publishers.
"However, someone suggested to us that we should get the copies printed and distributed among booksellers. We did the same. Initially I got some 50 copies printed and gave some copies to my school and some to a bookseller," recalls the teenage writer.
She also got an e-copy of her book registered on Amazon.
Adeeba says she was never an ardent reader and books would bore her to the core. But back in 2018, when she was 12 years old, Adeeba was given a writing assignment by her teacher.
"I was asked to write something and I wrote the poem 'My Class, My School'. After this she got busy with her studies and didn't write anything."
But when lockdown was imposed Abeeda found herself to be consumed by boredom. She would cry for no reason and would get nightmares. She got it treated through a religious scholar and had an inkling regarding black magic.
"I was told I'm a victim of black magic. It was a scary moment for me and to give a vent to my thoughts I wrote it all down which today took the form of a book entitled, 'An Evil In My Life'.
After her first book, she received a lot of comments on her social media handles. People began to call her an inspiration for young people as she was the youngest author in the city.
"I didn't want my passion to die down. So I began working on my second book. I had a collection of 20 poems and 15 quotes. I enhanced that and sent it for publishing."
This time she got in touch with a publishing house and got her collection of poems and quotes published in the form of 'Variegated Thoughts'.
"Recently I received a hard copy of the book. I haven't sent the book to any bookseller as of now, but I'm hopeful that the book will have many readers."
Adeeba says the response she has received so far is overwhelming and is becoming her driving force.
Though she aspires to be a doctor, simultaneously, she wants to continue with her passion of writing also.

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