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Business community from Shahr-e-khas files complaint with ROC Srinagar over misuse of its name

Post by RK Online Desk on Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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Shahr-e-Khas Traders and Manufacturers coordination Committee and Federation on Wednesday filed a written complaint with ROC Srinagar, Haamid Bukhari, incharge of Union Corporate Affairs Ministry’s field office in Kashmir stating that a new and unregistered name "Shahre Khas Traders and Chambers & Shahre Khas Traders and Manufacturer's Coordination Committee are misleading the media and public in general in their meetings and Press Conferences in the name of Shahr-e-Khas Traders and Manufacturers coordination Committee and Federation. 


This new association is brining the disrepute to the business fraternity of the shehar-e-khas region, claims the letter. 


The letter further reads that “ It is therefore requested to kindly look into the matter and issue notice to all the Departments and Police informing them that they are not representing Shahr-e-Khas Traders and Manufacturers coordination Committee and Federation and also issue notice against them so that they don't use our name in future."



" These un registered entities may please be booked under Section 447 (Punishment for fraud), Section 448(Punishment for false statement), Section 449(Punishment for false evidence), Section 450(Punishment where no specific penalty or punishment is provided), Section 451 (Punishment in the case of repeated defaults), Section 452(Punishment for wrongful withholding of property), Section 453(Punishment for improper use of "Limited" or "Private Limited" or any other Section as specified therein under the Companies Act, 2013", he said.


The letter signed by directors Mr Imtiyaz Ahmad Malik and Javid Habib requests necessary action as deemed fit by the Registrar of Companies.

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