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Bring structure and order in daily routines of children

Bring structure and order in daily routines of children

Post by on Saturday, June 12, 2021

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Dr. Syed Karrar
( Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist)

This unprecedented crisis has brought humankind down to the knees. We are now in second year of pandemic and getting used to new normal. Nevertheless,  consequences of this crisis are both direct or indirect short term and long lasting. It's not only about the direct infection with the virus leading to covid related morbidities and mortalities. But children get affected for the lack of enough richness in the experiences in their formative years. In order to grow healthy adults children need safe spaces, predictability and structure in their routine. Devoid of real time class room experiences will have negative impact on social skills acquisitions. 

Few recommendations to minimise the impact of the pandemic. 

*  Bring structure and order in daily routines of children. Negotiate with them to follow the time table. 

* Either of an adult caregiver must be around during online classes to prevent distraction and safe use of internet. 

* The way parents handle the daily stress will get reflected in children. Behave yourself how you want your children be. Be better role models. 

* Re establishing new routines in terms of personal hygiene, physical distancing and hand washing. 

* Provide as far possible opportunity to play. It's very important for children. 

* Work and play gives meaning to the lives. Spend good time to know your childrens' likes and dislikes. 

* Storytelling and conversations are the key. It's important the adults to control their own urges of misusing smartphones depriving children of forming bond with their loved ones.

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