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Bike riders doing stunts are being identified through social media handles: SSP Traffic City
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Bike riders doing stunts are being identified through social media handles: SSP Traffic City

Post by on Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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On the recent hit and run incident in Srinagar’s Rajbagh area which claimed the life of a 36-year-old man from North Kashmir, Srinagar police said that they along with the Traffic Police Srinagar City are going to take a series of measures to check on underage driving in the city.

Rising Kashmir’s Special Correspondent Jahangir Sofi spoke to SSP Traffic Srinagar City, Muzaffar Ahmed Shah in detail about the recent hit and run incident, driving of vehicles by minors, stunts by bikers and measures by the traffic department to control these spiking trends.  




How is your department responding to the rise in bike stunts by boys, especially minors, in Srinagar City?


As long as the rider is of legal age, has a valid driver's license, carrying the required vehicle documentation, riding as per the law and is of course, wearing a helmet, there won't be any problems. But when a parent gives a two-wheeler to their minor child, things go awry. It isbasically parents who purchase it for their children and allow them to drive.

Serious parenting is required, punishing these youngsters, holding them in detention, or confiscating their vehicles should only be used as a last resort. Parents should initially avoid encouraging their young children to have two-wheelers. Let them wait till they are of legal driving age before allowing them to operate a vehicle on the road.


What outreach efforts have the city's traffic department made so far to discourage minors from driving or riding?

We have been keeping track of the social media accounts that bikers use to post their stunt videos, and so far, we have called several of the bikers who have taken part in stunts, as well as their parents. We provided them with in-depth counselling, which has so far produced positive outcomes in that many parents have stopped giving their children two-wheelers and have also stopped performing bike stunts.


For us the law mandates punishment for those found guilty of crimes, but the first remedy should be at home, off course the proper parenting.


A recent hit-and-run case in the Rajbagh area of Srinagar sparked a discussion on underage driving. How do you view the incident?

Again, it has to be serious parenting back at home, Police or enforcement agencies are always there, I reiterate don’t invite trouble. Srinagar police commendably solved the case within no time and the whole picture is in front of everyone. This is not the first-time parents have been arrested, sections invoked in this particular case against the parents are clear.

Many times, when we confiscate vehicles driven by minors or by adults but lack a driver’s license or other vehicle paperwork, they approach us saying, "Spare him now, he won't repeat," and frequently many parents give petty excuses, saying the child has taken the vehicle without their permission.

Do parents who give their kids bikes or vehicles expect police officers to educate them on the need for vehicle documentation or a driving license? The home must come first, it has to be parents, and guardians, and we are there to ensure compliance with traffic rules.


According to the Srinagar Police, a special drive will be launched in collaboration with the city's traffic police department. What is this drive, and what will the joint measures be?


It takes a team effort to create a good society, and the Srinagar Police, under Balwal's supervision, has always been at the forefront of any initiative or containment of traffic violation measures in the city. In partnership with educational institutions, we'll run awareness campaigns where students will be educated on traffic laws, their significance, and the consequences of breaking them.

I strongly advise all those parents, and legal guardians not to give their vehicles to minors and refrain from plying vehicles without proper documents including a driver’s license. It is all about acting proactively which does not involve any expenditure. Act now before it's too late.

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