Bihar yatri finds support & love amidst AmarnathYatra challenges
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Bihar yatri finds support & love amidst AmarnathYatra challenges

Post by Umar Raina on Wednesday, July 26, 2023

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Ganderbal, July 25: Heartening stories continue to emerge during the ongoingShriAmarnathYatra in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, as locals extend a helping hand to Yatris from across India. One such inspiring tale is that of Nilam Devi.
Nilam Devi, a female Yatri hailing from Patna, Bihar, found herself in a challenging situation during the AmarnathYatra when she got separated from her three-member team.
Stranded and left without resources, she was admitted to a hospital near the holy cave of Sheeshnag due to her deteriorating health.
For three long days, she remained out of contact with her team members, leaving her in a vulnerable and uncertain position.
However, fortune smiled upon her when the Domail Helpdesk team, responsible for assisting ShriAmarnathYatris, came to her aid in a gesture of compassion.
The helpdesk team provided her with much-needed cash to facilitate her journey to Bhagwati Nagar in Jammu.
Javid Ahmad and Aatish Kumar, two young members of the helpdesk team, stepped forward to assist the stranded female yatri.
With their support, Nilam Devi safely reached the base camp and received financial aid and other assistance to help her resume her journey.
Overflowing with gratitude, Nilam Devi expressed her admiration for the hospitality and love shown by the locals and, in particular, the Domail helpdesk members, Javid and Aatish, during her trying time.
A senior officer at the Domail helpdesk, speaking to Rising Kashmir, commended the team's remarkable efforts in helping the lost yatri.
Emphasizing the significance of such acts of kindness, he stated, "In a distant land, providing assistance to fellow yatris is an act of godliness. Javid Ahmad and Aatish Kumar have displayed an incredible sense of humanity, deserving gratitude for their compassionate approach."
As the AmarnathYatra continues, the compassionate assistance offered to Nilam Devi serves as a shining example of selflessness and care towards those in need.

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