BHSS Soura joins hands with INTACH for heritage quiz
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BHSS Soura joins hands with INTACH for heritage quiz

Post by RK News on Tuesday, August 22, 2023

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Srinagar, Aug 21: The Boys Higher Secondary School, Soura, in technical collaboration and sponsorship with the Indian National Trust for Art Cultural and Heritage (INTACH)— a renowned organization dedicated to preserving India's cultural legacy—organised a heritage quiz.
The event was aimed at fostering experiential learning and cultivating an appreciation for Kashmir’s rich cultural heritage.
Around 100 students drawn from various educational institutions across the education zones namely Iddgah, Gulab Bagh, and Hawal participated in the event.
The proceedings kicked off with a written test wherein each paper was jointly handled by pairs of students. This phase of the quiz featured a total of 50 pairs participating. The evaluation procedure resulted in the selection of six standout groups that advanced to the subsequent round.
The subsequent round saw the six qualifying groups engaging in one-on-one interactions, further challenging their knowledge of heritage. As the intensity of the competition heightened, four groups emerged as frontrunners, showcasing their comprehensive grasp of the subject matter.
The final round, the pinnacle of the quiz, was an electrifying face-off between the top-performing pairings. After a rigorous display of heritage knowledge, the students from GMS Soura emerged as the triumphant duo, claiming the prestigious first place. Their outstanding performance secured them a coveted spot in the divisional quiz, where they will compete with a pair from the Jammu division for the chance to progress to the National level quiz.
Not only the winners received acknowledgment and honours, but all contenders were also celebrated with participation certificates, emphasizing the importance of their contribution to enhancing cultural consciousness and understanding.
Alongside the certificates, the highest achievers were granted books on Heritage Education from INTACH, further enriching their collection of intellectual assets. 
The accomplishment of this occasion owes its success to the commitment and diligent efforts of a diverse group of contributors.
BHSS Soura's Principal and Cluster Head, Firdous Wani, while conveying his appreciation to the participants and the organizers, said events such as these serve as the cornerstone of one’s appreciation for the diversity that India is composed of.
"The qui will pave a substantial path towards self-discovery and education, fostering a profound bond with the cultural heritage of our nation," Wani remarked.

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