Beyond the tragic cycle of negativity
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Beyond the tragic cycle of negativity

Words hold the power to either wound or empower. A positive approach in our words and actions can open up new and expansive possibilities

Post by REYAZ AHMAD MIR on Wednesday, November 15, 2023

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Choosing simplicity or simplicity of mind may imply being kind and sweet, but not necessarily the most intellectually astute person in the room. Being labeled as outright foolish and flat out dumb isn't merely hurtful, but deliberately insulting. Words hold the power to either wound or empower. A positive approach in our words and actions can open up new and expansive possibilities.

Negativity acts as a barrier, limiting our broader perspectives and opportunities. Ironically, those who proudly embrace negativity become its unwitting victims. When reminded of their negativity, they often become sharper in their negative expressions – a tragic cycle.

In the past, negative thoughts often remained unspoken or unwritten, simmering in the depths of one's mind. However, the rise of media, especially social media, has made it easy to propagate negativity. With a simple tap of your fingers, you can like, comment, or share your thoughts anytime and anywhere, leading to unfiltered expressions. Today, we seldom wait to share our thoughts, unlike the past when ideas and emotions were refined over time before finding their way out.

What comes first, the evolution of a thought in one's mind or its immediate sharing? Today, it's challenging to distinguish between the two. We rush to make comments and follow news, pictures, and videos shared on social media, often without hesitation. This reflects the mindset and grooming of those who engage in this behavior.

Identifying weaknesses and wrongdoing is necessary, but employing a negative approach is detrimental. Changing the world through negativity only adds to its complexity. Wrong cannot be countered with wrong; sincerity demands a more constructive and reformative approach, even if it takes time. Unfortunately, many derive pleasure from negative speeches, comments and unethical sharing, perpetuating a deeper tragedy.

This inclination toward negativity is a personality disorder, blurring our vision and causing us to overlook the bright and positive aspects of life. It becomes a form of bondage and slavery. Crossing the frontiers of negativity reveals a beautiful world that can be fully realized through a positive outlook.


Positive communication is uplifting and inclusive. It thrives on possibilities rather than fault-finding and harsh criticism. Positive individuals aim to inspire and encourage, appreciating even small steps. Addressing critical issues is a duty, but approaching it without diligence or in a childish manner is always dangerous and can lead to a crisis.

It is perplexing that when someone isn't to our liking, we resort to hurling insults, whether verbal or written, despite knowing their integrity and differences. This behavior characterizes those imprisoned by negative thought patterns.

While negative expressions may seem easy, they leave a lasting impression. Displaying negativity out of jealousy, grudge, or misinformation harms no one but the individual who does it intentionally. Our words and actions should contribute to a brighter world where everyone is included, rather than standing as judges in isolation.

Negativity often signifies a refusal without thoughtful consideration. Constantly saying "no" to everything is seen as a peculiar trait, but it only isolates individuals. Negative writing revolves around the self, leaving readers with little to engage with beyond the words on the page. It lacks hope, dreams, and excitement, dampening passion and wisdom.

It is crucial to understand the damaging effects of negativity and make a conscious effort to embrace positivity. We can learn to be positive. It is quite easy if we resolve and consciously start practicing. Talking about or discussing negativity can drag to negativity too.  So, let's stop here and essentially initiate to evaluate our thought process, ensuring we don't doubt gold for its purity, mistaking it for iron.


(The author is a regular columnist of Rising Kashmir and can be reached at:

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