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Bandipora students devise ‘Automatic High Beam Controller’ to avoid night accidents

Post by on Monday, June 6, 2022

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Srinagar June, 05: Now it will be easier to drive in the dark of night and using high beam lights will not be a problem as the four young minds of north Kashmir's Bandipora district have come up with a solution which they believe will minimise accidents. 
Tabasum Mansoor, Snober Manzoor, Zainsb-u-Nisa and Aamina, four students of  Institute "Kashovatics" which provides platform to students to do innovations in different fields devised headlight which can switch high beam of a vehicle coming from other side to low beam automatically. 
Tabasum Mansoor, who along with her three friends worked on this innovation told Rising Kashmir that she came up with this idea when she was going in the car with her father at night and the high beam light of the cars coming from the other side were bothering them.
"The next day, I came to the Institute and shared it with my friends.We started working on it and it took us two months to complete it", she said. 
Snober Manzoor, another innovator, told Rising Kashmir that the device has a sensor fitted within which detects intensity of light coming from other side of vehicle following which the light goes automatically on low beam due to controller and relay circuits. 
She said that this "Automatic High Beam Controller" can switch high beam of a vehicle to low beam whenever it gets signal from another vehicle giving high beam of light and if the opposite vehicle also have this device the opposite vehicle will turn it's high beam to low beam automatically and by using this device, rate of road accidents can be reduced. 
Aamina, another innovator of this automatic head light told Rising Kashmir that the drivers don't follow the driving rules and regulations .Even they don't know that high headlights beam might be the cause of dangerous Road Accident and thousands of people lost their lives every year in road accidents. 
"If we can implement this device in all vehicles of our country, the device will switch the high beam of those vehicles to low beam whenever it gets another vehicle coming towards it with high beam. As a result, road accidents will decrease rapidly", she said. 
She said that it is possible to implement because the device is cheap in cost, easy to implement and it works automatically.
"We hope that our designed device "Automatic High Beam Controller" will reduce the rate of road accidents, mostly highway road accidents", Aamina added. 
Notably, according to a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), almost 50 percent of fatal car accidents happen at night, despite the fact that only about 25 percent of motor vehicle travel takes place during the night hours.

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