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Bakeries worth Rs 20Cr sold across Kashmir

Post by on Sunday, July 10, 2022

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Srinagar, July 09. This eid Kashmir consumed bakeries worth over 20 Crore rupees and the consumption is less than what had been in previous years according to the bakery sellers.
Umar Mukhtar, President of Bakery Association Kashmir,  told Rising Kashmir that the demand for the bakery was "much less" this year as compared to the past years. "Still bakery worth around Rs 20 crore was sold on this Eid.”
He said the Srinagar district tops the list and also stated that reports are pouring in from the Anantnag district, where 60% of bakery items have been left.
Mukhtar continued that due to rising mercury the people did not buy extra bakery items.    
Pertinently, markets in Kashmir witnessed a thin footfall of shoppers this  Eid-ul- Adha
Though shops such as bakery shops, and mutton and chicken outlets were abuzz with customers, traders saidthat the rush cannot still be compared to what they used to witness before the pandemic.
2 lakh sacrificial animals sold in Srinagar mandis   
On the eve of Bakr Eid, two lac goats, sheep and other sacrificial animals have been sold at several mandisacross Srinagar. 
Bakr Eid, or Eid-ul-Zuha, is a festival where Muslims sacrifice an animal to strengthen their faith.
According to All Kashmir Wholesale Mutton Dealers Association(AKWMDA) president,MehrajUd Din 1.5 lac sacrificial animals were brought from outside, while the remaining 50,000 were purchased locally.
He said about two lac sacrificial animals were sold this Eid. He said less than 1.5 lakh sacrificial animals were sold in the previous year, and a little over 50,000 were sold this year.
According to Mehraj-u-din, before 2019, we would sell about 3.5 to 4 lac animals, but this time, we managed to sell about 60% of what we usually did in past, he said.
He said till July 9, around 1.5 lakh animals for sacrifice had been brought from outside Kashmir. These animals have been brought mostly from Rajasthan and Delhi. He stated the exact sales can’t be revealed till reports are collected from all the dealers.
Dealers stated the number of sacrificial animals could be greater. They went on to say that they don't count animals raised at home.
In villages, people are sacrificing animals that they are growing at home. The associations don’t contain such records. We only have the exact figures of animals that are being brought from outside UT and sold in registered mandis.
Mutton dealers said most of the animals were sold at Srinagar mandis, while a huge number of animals have also been transported to other districts of the Kashmir valley. They stated that most of the animals were bought by people from Srinagar. 
In the past many years, it has been observed that people have been buying the sacrificial animal in the last 24 hours, Mehraj maintained.
However, an official of animal husbandry Kashmir told Rising Kashmir that livestock brought from outside the UT are thoroughly inspected to ensure that they are safe for human consumption.
According to the officer, all livestock is being properly checked at Lower Munda (Anantnag) and is then allowed to travel to Srinagar and other parts. The officer stated the same was being checked twice.

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