Ayush Kwath: A traditional Kashmiri elixir fortifying yatris on Shri Amarnath yatra
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Ayush Kwath: A traditional Kashmiri elixir fortifying yatris on Shri Amarnath yatra

Traditional Kashmiri beverage shields yatris from cold, respiratory complications 

Post by Younus Rashid on Tuesday, July 18, 2023

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Anantnag, July 18: In a bid to enhance the well-being of Yatris embarking on the sacred Shri Amarnath pilgrimage, the Ayush Department has introduced Ayush Kwath, a traditional beverage blended with various ingredients known for their immune-boosting properties. Served to pilgrims at the Nunwan base camp in Pahalgam, this nourishing concoction aids in countering the challenges posed by sudden climate changes and supports the body's immune system.
Officials from the Ayush Department tirelessly prepare and serve the Kwath to hundreds of pilgrims throughout the day, ensuring their health remains intact. By addressing the adverse effects of cold and fever induced by drastic weather variations, Ayush Kwath plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the Yatris' well-being.
One official at Nunwan attested to the effectiveness of Ayush Kwath, explaining that individuals with relatively weaker immune systems often encounter health complications at high altitudes. However, with the assistance of the health department and other officials, these Yatris receive the necessary support to alleviate their concerns and enhance their overall experience.
Delighted by the taste and protective properties of Ayush Kwath, a pilgrim from Delhi shared his experience, drawing comparisons to the traditional Kashmiri Kehwa. He emphasized that the beverage effectively combats cold and throat infections, creating a comforting warmth within the body. The Yatries were particularly captivated by the serving of Ayush Kwath from the traditional Kashmiri Samovar, adding a touch of cultural authenticity to their experience.
Dr. Sajad Ahmad, a Medical Officer in the AYUSH department, explained that Yatris hailing from tropical climates occasionally face issues such as viral or chest infections when exposed to high altitudes. The Ayush Kwath serves as a powerful tool to bolster their immunity and counteract respiratory problems. The blend of ingredients in Ayush Joshanda, including Tulsi, Dalcheeni, Adrak, and Kali Mirch, contribute to this immunity-boosting effect.
Tulsi aids in expelling chest mucus, while Dalcheeni exhibits similar benefits for both the chest and throat. Adrak, known for its immune-boosting and anti-viral properties, helps combat infections and gastric issues, as well as dissolves chest mucus. Kali Mirch assists in the removal of cough mucus from the throat, completing the potent combination of ingredients.
Since the commencement of the Yatra, a total of 1,320 Yatris have been served Ayush Kwath to mitigate respiratory complications on their journey to the revered Amarnath Cave. The efficacy of Ayush Kwath in supporting the Yatris' comfort and well-being has been widely acknowledged.

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