Ayush J&K symposium: ‘Integrative health care is the future’
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Ayush J&K symposium: ‘Integrative health care is the future’

Post by RK News on Wednesday, March 15, 2023

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Jammu, March 14: Directorate of Ayush J&K, organized a symposium on ‘Integrative Health Care – Complimenting Strengths for Public Health Delivery’ to promote and propagate strengths of Ayush vis-a-vis modern systems of medicine for better public health care delivery. Dr. Saleem- Ur Rehman Director General Health and Family Welfare presided over as the chief guest. 
Speaking on the occasion Dr. Mohan Singh, Director Ayush J&K highlighted the potential areas wherein an integrative health approach can be adopted for better public health outcomes. He emphasized that integrative health care is the future as envisioned in Sustainable Development Goals and National Health Policy. He stressed the strengths of management wherein both the systems can manage particular disorders, for example, Ayush treatment modalities in the management of Musculoskeletal, Gastrointestinal, Anorectal, Skin and Lifestyle disorders whereas the modern system of medicine is strong in its critical care and emergencies. 
He informed that the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to integrate both systems of medicine at the national level should be the ultimate goal of all health practitioners at the grassroots level. He also elucidated that during the G-20 presidency, India is emerging as a global leader in holistic health and integrative medicine. 
Dr. Singh thanked the Secretary to the Government Health & Medical Education Department Bhupinder Kumar for the “immense efforts he has put in for effective integration and mainstreaming” of Ayush systems of medicine. 
Dr. Saleem Ur Rehman, Director General Family Welfare, MCH and Immunization, applauded the initiative of Directorate of Ayush J&K and highlighted that mainstreaming of Ayush medicine in the Public Health Delivery system is the need of the hour. He stressed the need for more clinical research in Ayush systems to make them more evidence-based health care systems with rational principles and practices of patient care.  
Dr. Harjeet Rai, presented his views on the role of Complementary and Alternative Medicine and the Role of Ayush in strengthening Maternal Health, especially in the areas of maternal nutrition and yoga. Dr. Narendra Bhatial, Medical Superintendent Govt. Medical College Jammu, in his address, highlighted the areas of Integrative Geriatric and Palliative Care. Dr. Arun Gupta, an Ayush expert gave a detailed presentation on Garbha Sanskar - Ayush way of ensuring the health and wellness of mother and child on the continuum of care. Dr. Lotika Bharti, an Ayush expert through her presentation highlighted the effect of various Eye and ENT procedures and their effects on various clinical conditions along with clinical evidence.  
Medical Superintendents of various hospitals of the Directorate of Health Services, Medical fraternity from the Directorate of Health Services Jammu and Ayush fraternity from Directorate of Ayush J&K, Interns and students attended the symptoms. 

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