Awareness Programme on "Beat Plastic Pollution" organized by College of Temperate Sericulture, Mirgund, SKUAST-K
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Awareness Programme on "Beat Plastic Pollution" organized by College of Temperate Sericulture, Mirgund, SKUAST-K

Post by RK News on Thursday, June 8, 2023

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Srinagar, June 07: The College of Temperate Sericulture, Mirgund SKUAST-K, in collaboration with the NSS unit, successfully conducted a one-day awareness programme on Wednesday to address the critical issue of "Beat Plastic Pollution." The event received active participation from numerous students and faculty members of the college, guided by the esteemed Vice Chancellor, Prof. Nazir Ahmed Ganai.
Dr Irfan Latif Khan, leading the proceedings, provided valuable insights into the various challenges associated with plastic pollution and its detrimental impact on the environment. The students of the college delivered compelling speeches, raising awareness among the audience about plastic pollution, a global concern of utmost importance.
During the programme, Prof. M.F. Baqual, Associate Dean of the College, emphasized the urgent need to reduce the usage of plastic, as it not only profoundly affects the Earth but also poses serious threats to the air and water bodies once it enters the atmosphere and water systems.
Prof. Mushtaq Rasool underlined the necessity to halt the use of plastic items to safeguard our planet. He further warned that if immediate action is not taken to curb plastic consumption, we will face the grim consequences of being expelled from this beautiful planet.
The event concluded with the announcement of the winners of the previous programme, "Youth and Climate Change," held on May 25, 2023. Miss Nusrata Jan (B.Sc Seri 1st Year) and Miss Bakhtawish (B.Sc Seri. 4th Year) secured the first and second positions, respectively, while Miss Aroos and Miss Arabia (Ph.D. Seri. students) jointly clinched the third position. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks presented by the Head of the Division of BS&H.
This awareness programme serves as a vital step towards combating plastic pollution and fostering a sustainable future. The College of Temperate Sericulture, Mirgund, SKUAST-K, and its dedicated NSS unit continue to play a crucial role in raising awareness and inspiring action to tackle environmental challenges.

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