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Post by RK News on Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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A report published in Rising Kashmir Monday divulges information about the causes that are responsible for frequent occurrences of avalanches in the valley. During this winter the valley witnessed multiple snow avalanches causing loss of lives and destruction to public and private property. Recently in a dreadful   snow avalanche that occurred in the ski resort of Gulmarg, two Polish skiers lost their lives. Experts are of the opinion that global warming and climate change is causing snow avalanches and other natural disasters all around the world.  According to senior earth scientist and environmental expert, Prof Shakil Ahmad Romshoo, “climate change is evident in Valley and there are clues all over the world that avalanche patterns are changing on our warming planet and the same changes are being witnessed in Kashmir valley”.   The unprecedented weather changes in the region need to be taken seriously. The government can avail the services of subject experts to identify the various causal factors and explore the remedial measures. J&K, which falls in the Himalayan belt, is sensitive to weather changes caused by various factors including unabated felling of trees. Climate change is a global challenge for the sustainable development of all the countries in the world. Over the years it has become a defining crisis threatening the survival of human life. Climate change has brought terrible implications in every part of the planet earth. According to the United Nations, the extraction of coal, oil, and gas releases billions of tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere every year. Also, human activity is producing record-high levels of greenhouse gas emissions, with no indications of slowing down in the future. The impacts of climate change need special attention and efforts are needed in negotiating a new global climate change crisis that can help in the preservation of the earth and its environment. With relentless cutting down of trees, avelanches, flashfloods and landslides have become more frequent phenomenon causing extensive damage in the low lying areas. The authorities need to look into all these factors and make serious efforts for protection of the fragile economy so that we are spared of nature’s wrath. At the same time, the widespread damage caused by the avalanches has once again brought to light the absence of a proper disaster management mechanism. Though it is not possible to avert all the natural disasters, there is a scope for minimizing the damage. A comprehensive strategy should be in place to face any exigency in a coordinated manner. The professional response to preparedness, prediction and prevention of disasters is all the more important for a place like Jammu and Kashmir which is vulnerable to natural calamities like avalanches, earthquakes, floods, snow-storms, land-slides and cloud-bursts. A fool-proof mechanism of rescue, relief and rehabilitation of the disaster affected people also needs to be put in place. At least, the administration needs to be in a mode of alertness around the year



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