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Post by RAYEES AHMAD KUMAR on Thursday, November 17, 2022

First slide

The dancing fall of dry withered leaves

Golden floor under the Chinar trees


Cool and refreshing breeze of mornings and evenings

Harvesting of paddy in the fields


Picking of apples and other fruits

Stored in the wicker baskets


Men women equally busy in lands

Lunch for the men, women carry

In wicker baskets on their heads


Threshing of walnuts a usual scene

Children preparing for their exams


Hide and seek of the electricity

Annoy students and displease others


Ladies burn drywood to make charcoal

Used during winter in the fire-pots


Sundrying the vegetables in wicker baskets

Which during harsh winter are cooked


To get a break from the busy work

Workers smoke through traditional Hubble-Bubble


Sometimes when it rains suddenly

People rush to protect their crops


Young working class of villages

Prepare to leave for outside the valley


Where they earn livelihood

And protect themselves from the biting cold



Like the pleasant spring season

Autumn in valley too is mesmerizing



(Writer is a  teacher and hails from Qazigund Kashmir)

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