Atif Wani’s solo acts tickle netizens on ‘Kar Shoaeb’
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Atif Wani’s solo acts tickle netizens on ‘Kar Shoaeb’

15-yr-old YouTube sensation

Post by on Wednesday, January 27, 2021

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Coming from the remote town of Handwara in North Kashmir, Atif Wani (15) is a 9th standard student who is winning the internet with his solo acts. The acts that are full of comic punches and satire in a typical Kashmiri language, feature on a YouTube channel “Kar Shoaeb.”
The channel features sarcastic videos on different subjects concerning a common man. In his latest video, Atif is seen taking a jibe on banks, showing how hectic and frustrating their hierarchical system becomes at times.

Atif had no inclination to start a YouTube channel of his own. It all happened by an accident. In 2019, during his vocations, Atif had gone to cousin’s Kar Shoaeb home. Out of fun, the two shot a video of Atif singing a song. Shoaeb, who is a BA 1st semester student, uploaded it on the internet. The two had no idea that the video would gather an overwhelming response. This created a lust of uploading more videos in the two. But before, they could have executed their plan, the internet was snapped off in the wake of the abrogation of Article 370.

After partial restoration of the internet, the cousin brothers returned with a parody. Again the act went viral and was greatly appreciated by netizens. The response boosted their confidence and they started a full-fledged YouTube channel “Kar Shoaeb.”

In the channel, Shoaeb writes scripts, edits videos and manages the channel, while Atif acts.

 “We try to entertain our viewers and portray the truth of our society at the same time”, said Shoaeb.

“We chose Kashmiri language for our videos so that everybody would connect with it, but we shall switch to Urdu when we make a good subscriber base.”

“Inspired by a famous Indian YouTuber- ‘BB Ki Vines’, we chose to do monologue instead of acting with multiple actors”, he added.

“I’m doing YouTube part-time to hone my skills in acting as I have dream to join Bollywood in future,” said Atif.

“I manage studies and do YouTube side by side. I try my best to do justice to both”, he added.

“Though we make a good earning out of YouTube, yet I don’t consider it sustainable work. We do it to entertain rather than earning”, he added.

Despite coming from a far-flung area and a very tender age Atif along with his cousin has crossed the 50k subscribers mark.

“Our parents, relatives and everybody around give us full support and appreciation that encourages us to give our best”, said Atif.

“I was totally grabbed as I watched Atif’s first video. The content is really good in terms of making people laugh and the attempt unveiling social taboo is praiseworthy”, said Peer Haseeb, a government employee from Kulgam.

“I watch their videos not once but multiple times. He is the only YouTuber in Kashmir who does monologue which is quite unique”, said Aamir Aziz, a class 12th student.

“Writing scripts is quite a challenging task, which takes us a lot of time. Ideally we take the story ideas from daily lives, but some of the videos are purely work of fiction”, Shoaeb said.

“We have a very simple setup consisting of a Smartphone, a mic, a tripod and a laptop”, he added.

Atif loves cricket, cycling and photography as his favorite pastime.

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