Understanding the public opinion

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Kamal Morarka

Understanding the public opinion

The RSS that I knew was a different organization than what it is now. I had personal interaction with Balasaheb Deoras (the third Sarsanghchalak of the RSS), whose brother ran the political affairs of the organization. He told me that RSS is a grand organization. “Only 10 to 15 percent of our volunteers join politics, the rest are either with the RSS or with the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP). We carry out welfare programs across the country, while as the BJP takes care of politics and political affairs.” He further said that “Of all RSS men active in politics, only five percent are in the government or in the legislature or become MPs, MLAs or ministers. And in order to allow five percent enjoy the benefit of power, we cannot put a hundred at stake.” He was fair enough in enunciating his views: “We work for the advancement of Hindus. We are determined to build a temple at Ayodhya. For BJP, Ayodhya may be only an instrument of attaining power, but not for us. We believe that formation of our government will facilitate construction of the temple.”

RSS promotes a particular religion and advances a particular religious view, whereas BJP is a political party, like Congress, the Samajwadi Party or for that matter any other political party. A political party in principle believes that in order to come to power the party has to get votes on populist promises. As soon as any party assume power it forgets about those promises and indulges in normal government business.

Now, the question is as what damage can Modi-ji do to the country? At most he can vitiate the atmosphere momentarily, but that is not going to hurt the country much. This is a very big country; not just a 70-year-old country but a country with rich history of about 5000 years. Modi-ji’s approach is lopsided. He thinks that since Constitution came into existence 70 years ago, therefore the country was born 70 years ago. However, implementation of the Constitution is not an easy task, for example there is a provision for equality, but have Dalits become equals? Ambedkar was right when he said that the Constitution can give you democratic equality, but not a democratic society. There are many disparities in the society that cannot be done away with by constitutional provisions, they require hundreds of years to implement them in letter and spirit.

As for the working of the government, it can be said that it is in perennial mode of electioneering ever since it assumed power in 2014. Prime Minister Modi is busy in one state election after another. He forgot that people have chosen him to implement policies he promised, and except him to deliver results. For two and a half years, the government functioned smoothly. After that Modi-ji became so impatient for results that he announced demonetization, causing lots of problem for the country. When demonetization failed he implemented the GST, which made the problem worse causing a lot of troubles for trade and commerce. I am saying this with deep conviction that no country can progress without progress in trade and commerce. In order to generate employment, attention should be paid to industry along with agriculture. There was a time when small entrepreneurs, businessmen and traders used to be the backbone of the BJP; they are all miffed with the party now. The government blames the Congress and Nehru even for the problems that it has created. If the trend continues, time will come when people will start saying that Nehru's rule was in fact “Ramrajya”, there was no corruption then.

BJP puts all the blame on Nehru vis-à-vis Kashmir. The only aberration in Nehru was that he was a Kashmiri Pandit and he had a penchant for Kashmir. On the other hand Sardar Patel, who is the newfound hero of the BJP, was of the view of letting Kashmir go to Pakistan. I live in Mumbai. Here there is no Dalit-related issue, because nobody knows who lives in which building. Nobody is interested in knowing anybody's caste. Things are different in countryside; even today Dalit children are made to sit separately in schools. Will they not get angry over such treatment? Today, the system of the country has become weaker and 90 percent of it can be sold and bought. So keeping that in mind it would not be irrelevant to note that the Congress never accumulated so much money that the BJP has accumulated in the last four years.

The government, by bringing bankruptcy law, has scared industrialists; their companies are up for auctioning. If the government will scare everyone, then what is going to happen? Small industrialists are suffering. Indeed, BJP might win another election on this plank, but the country will not make progress. Just compare the progress made during ten years of UPA rule with that of your government in four years. The mistakes that the government is committing today will come down to haunt it, if it comes to power again.

The Reserve Bank of India has given some positive signals on NPA, because the government’s ploy is sinking the bank loans, leading to closure of industries and increasing unemployment. The government had constituted a bank board under the chairmanship of Vinod Rai, but in three years Rai could not do anything. Now after the end of his term, a new appointment has been made on the post. Compare to Rai, the new chairman looks better. The government needs to fix the banking system within six months and stop the ruin of the companies.

The BJP does not seem to like the Muslims of this country. They forget that the Muslims here are their brothers. They are of the same blood. Even the BJP says that they converted to Islam from Hinduism. The only difference is that they call almighty “Allah” instead of “Ishwar”. The government and the RSS can stop Hindu-Muslim strife. There is a saying that even the longest journey in the world starts with the first step. The government should at least take the first step in this direction. But it is giving a wrong signal.

This is a very old country which has its own beliefs system that will never end. Government should understand the country's mind. People here understand everything. Modi-ji might be doing a lot of work in Varanasi, but the people there are not in his favor. He is the prime minister, maybe he will win, but no other BJP candidate would win from Varanasi. Why? Because the construction of flyover or road will not benefit the poor, common man wants education, health, employment and security. And this will happen only when the economy will strengthen. Now Modi-ji has only a year. I am not here to predict the election results, but the government must try to work for the people. If such efforts are not made, then it will be injustice with the people and with the country.


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