Politics of deceit

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Syed Maajid Rashid Andrabi

The kind of politics practiced in the state needs to change to undo the damage that has been done so far   

Politics of deceit

With the political pot in the state heating up after several mainstream political parties declared that they were serious about government formation, people were taken by surprise when the news of two regional parties, also supported by third pan-India party, converging together to form the government hit the stands. Throughout the day there were speculations that government may be formed in a day or two. It was PDP President and former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti who claimed to form the government with the support of National Conference and Congress. The series of events that took place towards the end of the evening left people baffled when another claim of government formation was made by Sajad Lone of People’s Conference. Both the claims were not entertained, with the parties taking the matter to social media to highlight it. What followed was unprecedented and beyond anyone’s comprehension. The governor dissolved the assembly, much to the dismay of the political parties which had sought to come together to form a government!

The request to dissolve the state assembly was being since BJP withdrew its support. The government was kept in suspended animation to give the parties a chance. Eventually it was dissolved when the claim to government formation was made, minus BJP. Whatever be the line of reasoning, one thing is certain, that the state politics is influenced by many internal and external factors which can have a direct or indirect bearing on the nature of its politics. It surprised everyone, not just the people in this state but political commentators across India. As they say, “expect the unexpected”, the political situation of the valley just witnessed another jaw-dropping incident that would remain in talks for a long time. Not only for the abrupt dissolution, but also the allegations that were levelled, following the decision of the parties to join hands, all things went against the tide of the time and thus, vitiating the already disturbed political atmosphere of the valley, further.

While the entire valley continues to rattle under severe armed conflict for more than two decades, one thing that the people are certain to witness here is the political melodrama from every contesting party with regard to its manifesto, operating principles and the precedence with which it follows the promises. Till now, there has been a grave mismatch between political expectations and what has been delivered, which is evident by the sheer frustration and that is being displayed by the people every now and then. As the assembly has been dissolved, elections have become inevitable.  Sooner or later, the political parties will fight tooth and nail to register their victory over one another, while resorting to whatsoever means it takes them to be victorious.  Though, every party stands for its unique ideology, but seemingly none has been able to sync with the demands of the people. What has come to fore is their lackadaisical attitude which has aggravated the problem further, rather than culminating it. It is quite surprising to find out the disguised nature of the political parties over certain issues relating to public outcry. Had there been any sincerity in their intentions, that would have strengthened their roots but sadly all of them try to sail with the wind, or comply with their philosophy of existence, thus earning the name – “opportunists”.

It is a fact that people of Kashmir have been at the forefront of every turbulent event. Be it the grave humanitarian crisis that we have seen in the last almost thirty years, or the inefficient administration that failed to understand the needs and aspirations of the people, the populace of the valley has always been at the losing end and have been subjected to miseries. Political parties have lost faith of the people for their inabilities and deceit. While one party boasts about its stand regarding any issue, the other draws attention of the people towards its shortcomings, thus, belittling its rival by highlighting flaws only. Here positive criticism has remained restricted to words only. None of the parties is serious in resolving the issues that are important to people, rather their conviction is towards downgrading other parties. The blame game they resort to, while running away from their responsibilities, has always earned them bad name. Had they been devoted to solve the problems of the people, there would have been a sea change in the state.

Actions speak louder than words. Forwarding statements or sermons doesn’t make any difference unless one is clear in intentions and follows a course accordingly without any deviation. People have felt deceived from the very beginning and are very hurt and upset with the inability of political leaders to defend their willful rights. The irony is that, they tend to be loyal to people and their causes only when their rule ends. Till that time, they are no more accessible to the common people, who chose them. They just seem to forget that they have been elected and are just the representatives rather than any authority in themselves.

No political party can sustain without be just and fair to accountability and development. Political leaders and their parties need to be honest in dispensing their services for the welfare of the people, which ultimately should be the only motive when on chair, rather than buying time to do nothing, least promise something that they know they can’t deliver.

People have always been looking for a government that could stop the bloodbath on the streets of Kashmir, provide youth with employment avenues, generate a positive feeling among people regarding their welfare, bring accountability in the system, be more approachable, justified in the course of action, unified in the resolution, prompt in redressing public grievance, be corruption free and above all respect the popular sentiment.

People here have seen tempestuous times and still managed to get out of the commotion.  Time has changed. They no longer seem to be bound by the chains of fear but have started to become more demanding about their rights. If it is not taken into account, the fate of this state will be grimmer.  


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