Army's valiant canine warrior 'Kent' falls in battle, saving lives 
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Army's valiant canine warrior 'Kent' falls in battle, saving lives 

Post by Arvind Sharma on Wednesday, September 13, 2023

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JAMMU, Sept 12: In a display of unwavering courage and selflessness, the brave Indian Army dog, 'Kent,' made the ultimate sacrifice to protect her handler and a column of soldiers during a search operation in Rajouri. This valiant Labrador, a female, played a pivotal role in 'Op Sujaligala' and led the way as the soldiers pursued fleeing terrorists.
During a fierce encounter with the terrorists, who unleashed heavy gunfire upon the security forces, 'Kent' displayed unparalleled bravery. She fearlessly shielded her handler and the entire Army column from the hail of bullets, ultimately giving her life in service to her duty and in keeping with the highest traditions of the Indian Army.
Kent, aged 6, was a member of the esteemed 21 Army Dog Unit. Her heroic actions serve as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by four-legged comrades in arms, who stand shoulder to shoulder with their human counterparts in the face of danger.