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AP prez addresses public rally in Sgr; promises to work for political, economic empowerment of people

Post by on Saturday, June 25, 2022

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Srinagar, June 24: Apni Party (AP) president Altaf Bukhari Friday lashed out at regional dynastic political parties for “befooling” people of Jammu and Kashmir for decades.
Addressing a public rally at a playfield in Goripora, Eidgah area of downtown Srinagar lashed out at regional political parties for allegedly “hoodwinking gullible masses” of Jammu and Kashmir.
In his speech AP president accused National Conference (NC) and Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) of “befooling people of Jammu and Kashmir for decades for the lust of governance.”
“These political parties have failed to raise the living standards of people even in the areas of Srinagar city,” he said.
Bukhari said, “Enough is enough. We will not allow further exploitation of the people and our youth. The politics of destruction must be put to an end now. We need sustained peace and prosperity for the young generation and the generations to come. I promise you that the Apni Party will not leave any stone unturned to ensure the prosperity and development of J&K and the political and economic empowerment of its people.”
He further said that like in the past, these political parties are again in the field and are “creating drama” over restoration of Article 370 and 35 (A), which was revoked on August 5, 2019.
He said that parties like NC, PDP and others befooled people of Jammu and Kashmir for decades over azadi, plebiscite, autonomy, self-rule etc., however, decades have passed but neither azadi was brought to J&K nor plebiscite, autonomy or self-rule was achieved.
“These politicians and so-called leaders have built empires for themselves in the name of politics but have deprived the common people, especially the youth of opportunities and even a dignified life. Now, this cruel politics must be stopped to ensure a better future for our youth and the coming generations,” he added.
Bukhari said the truth is bitter but we have to digest it by accepting the reality that we have to take up our issues with New Delhi for resolution.
“We have to keep this thing in mind that if we seek resolution of issues, the way leads to New Delhi, undoubtedly.”
Taking a further dig at the regional political parties, Bukhari said, “We laid thousands of youth in graveyards around us as people resorted to arms struggle on the dictation of these political leaders, however, after deep observations none of their children has lost their lives.”
He said the AP will lead the nation and do not opt for silence anyway. “After abrogation of Article 370 and 35 (A), there was an uncertain situation around. I along with many political leaders associated with other parties assembled and decided to take up peoples’ issues with New Delhi. What was crime in it if we had shown concern for our people,” he said.
“AP will not tolerate silence over peoples’ miseries. We expressed concern in the past and shall continue to rake-up peoples’ issues with New Delhi,” he said.
Hitting out at regional political parties, he said, “Like past, these political parties are again creating drama over the special status of J&K and cheating people in the name of its restoration.”
“During the DDC elections, the NC, PDP and others sought votes in the name of restoration of Article 370 and 35 (A), however, more than two years have passed since where is special status?” he questioned. He said they can never return it and AP will not cheat its own people.
The AP president said, “I feel sad to see the talented young people of the city have been grappling with the lack of opportunities and raising unemployment for quite a long time. They deserve a better life and plenty of opportunities. Our kids are not for graveyards. We ought to provide them with all the opportunities to ensure a bright future for them.”
He expressed his sorrow over the lack of development in the areas of downtown Srinagar. “The lack of development and the absence of public infrastructure is evident in these city areas. It seems that every government, over the years, has been disregarding this historical city and its people. Our youth should have been given an opportunity to play a vital role in the prosperity and development of the city, but the politicians made them cannon fodder for their own vested interests,” he said.
He assured that the Apni Party would change the scenario for the better in near future.

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