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Another life lost to domestic violence
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Another life lost to domestic violence

Post by on Friday, August 5, 2022

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In a shocking incident, a 38 year old woman was allegedly murdered by her in-laws in the Bemina area of Srinagar city. According to the post mortem report the deceased has died due to asphyxiation. In this connection police have registered a case of murder against the accused and so far arrested five family members (in-laws of the deceased) including the husband for further investigation.  The family of the deceased alleged that women was often harassed by her in-laws in one pretext or another and are responsible for her death. On its part, police should expedite its investigation into the case and set a deterrent. It is a fact that this case is not a first of a kind incident in the city as several such cases have been reported in the past too. The incident comes as a grim reminder about the lack of deterrence and raises disturbing questions about the safety of women. In most of these cases allegations have been leveled against husbands and in-laws. The concern, domestic violence, has been shared by the people in general and certain groups and political formations in particular. Many sociologists are of the opinion that domestic violence has grown manifolds in the last decade. Ironically, we saw people in the UT observe Mother’s Day with much enthusiasm. If the people would condemn domestic violence with the same zeal, there may be better days for women in the UT. Nevertheless, there is a greater responsibility that has to be shared by law enforcement agencies. Domestic violence has been silently making inroads in the society. Common perception is that very less number of cases gets reported and often the victim tends to bear for fear of societal repercussions. Therefore, it is viewed primarily as a social problem and it is only in extreme cases, like serious injuries and deaths, that the crime gets noticed. In many cases it is too late by then, and except condemnations, investigations and trials – there is nothing left to be done. However, when most of the victims find it extremely difficult and painful to report/register a complaint, justice cannot be served. There are host of measures which the government can take for the betterment of the women victims. Having said so, the onus cannot be put entirely on the government. Society has a pivotal role to play in uplifting the subjugated women. We all share the responsibility of raising our voice against any injustice meted out to women and to give them the due place they deserve in the society. Elaborate legislations enshrining various rights for women are useless unless they are safeguarded.

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