Ancient Gopi Tirath land encroached, Jogishwari Mandir Trust warns of agitation
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Ancient Gopi Tirath land encroached, Jogishwari Mandir Trust warns of agitation

Post by RK News on Wednesday, August 23, 2023

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Srinagar, Aug 22: The sacred Gopi Tirath and its associated land in Brein, Nishat, are under threat of encroachment by land sharks and the land mafia, sparking alarm within the Jogishwari Mandir Trust located at Ghat Jogi Lanker, Rainawari. In response, the trust has issued a stern warning against these unlawful activities and has threatened to launch an agitation if the encroachment continues.
A special meeting of the trustees, convened under the leadership of Bennerjee Hak, the trust's president, emphasized that the entirety of Gopi Tirath's property rightfully belongs to the Jogishwari Mandir Trust. The trust has accused the land mafia of collaborating with opportunistic bounty hunters and insiders to manipulate land records and alter its ownership status.
Numerous acres of the Gopi Tirath land have allegedly been sold off by the land mafia, with some members from within the Kashmiri Pandit community also implicated in these transactions. These individuals have reportedly used religious organizations as a cover to facilitate their activities. Recently, a delegation of trustees from Jogishwari Mandir Trust and the Rainawari KP Action Committee conducted an on-ground assessment of the Gopi Tirath site. They discovered that the trust's board had been removed and replaced by another group, which they suspect has ulterior motives.
In an effort to reclaim the Gopi Tirath, the team reinstalled the Jogishwari Mandir Trust's boards, explicitly warning encroachers of legal action. Disturbingly, pilgrims and trust members visiting the shrine have faced intimidation and harassment from these alleged pseudo-owners and their associates stationed at the site.
The trustees have made it clear that any harm inflicted upon pilgrims or trust members will be met with legal repercussions. They have also publicly declared that any dealings or business conducted by religious organizations or trusts other than the Jogishwari Mandir Trust, led by Bennerjee Hak, are illegal.
The Jogishwari Mandir Trust has urgently appealed to the Lieutenant Governor and the administration of the Union Territory to take immediate action to investigate the encroachment on the Gopi Tirath property. Additionally, they have requested enhanced security measures, including the deployment of personnel from central paramilitary forces, to safeguard the sanctity of the Tirath complex.

In a bid to rally support and garner attention for their cause, the trust has initiated a widespread sensitization campaign targeting both the general public and policymakers across various levels. The trust's leadership has indicated that if the encroachment attempts persist, they are prepared to mobilize the masses for a sustained agitation to protect the Gopi Tirath and its historic significance.

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