Anantnag teenager makes waves as he gets selected for Softball Championship in Japan
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Anantnag teenager makes waves as he gets selected for Softball Championship in Japan

Post by Younus Rashid on Saturday, June 24, 2023

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Anantnag, Jun 23: Excitement is in the air as a talented youngster from Anantnag district in South Kashmir has been chosen to represent India in the upcoming Softball Asia Cup (Men) championship, set to take place in Japan.
Rohil Rashid, hailing from the serene village of Takiya Behram Shah, has been handpicked to join the senior men's Indian team, competing in the highly anticipated international Softball Asia Cup championship in Kochi, Japan, starting from June 25th.
Reflecting on his journey, Rohil shared, "During the trials in Odisha, I gave my best performance and managed to secure a spot on the team. I have been playing this game since childhood and even participated in the under-14 category. I am grateful to the Softball General Secretary and the Secretary of the Sports Council J&K for providing us with the right platform and training sessions to enhance our skills."
Coming from a sports-oriented family, Rohil expressed his gratitude to his father for his unwavering support. Despite the challenges of balancing studies and sports, Rohil's passion for the game propelled him forward, never allowing him to rest on his laurels.
The talented teenager highlighted the growth of Softball in Jammu and Kashmir, attributing it to the dedicated efforts of the Sports Secretary and the organization of local leagues and state-level tournaments. He urged fellow youth to step up, showcase their talents, and contribute to the promotion of sports in the region.
The selection of Rohil Rashid for the Softball Asia Cup championship not only serves as a testament to his skills but also puts Anantnag on the map as a breeding ground for exceptional sporting talent. As he embarks on this exciting journey to Japan, the entire community rallies behind him, wishing him the best of luck in representing the nation and making his hometown proud.

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