Amit Shah calls for unified strategy on security challenges from 'Hawala to Crypto currency'
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Amit Shah calls for unified strategy on security challenges from 'Hawala to Crypto currency'

Post by RK News on Friday, July 14, 2023

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Gurugram, July 13: Pointing to challenges from ‘Dynamite to Metaverse’ and ‘Hawala to Crypto currency’ for countries across the world, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Thursday emphasised the need to "devise a common strategy" against the menace.
Addressing a G20 conference here, the Union Home Minister also stressed the urgent need for cooperation, both at the national and international levels, to build cyber resilience in an increasingly connected world while speaking at the G20 Conference on Crime and Security in the age of the Non-Fungible Token (NFT), Artificial Intelligence (Al) and Metaverse’. 
Apart from G20 members, nine guest countries, and two major international organisations, INTERPOL and UNODC, as well as various international speakers are participating in this Conference.
Shah also focussed on the requirement of adequate attention on cyber security in the wake of its economic and geo-political implications in this digital age. He said it is essential to strengthen the capabilities of nations and international organizations to deal with new and emerging, traditional and non-traditional challenges, including terrorism, terror financing, radicalization, narco, narco-terror links, and misinformation in a better way.
"The transformation of our security challenges from ‘Dynamite to Metaverse’ and ‘Hawala to Crypto currency’ is a matter of concern for the countries of the world. And all of us, together, have to devise a common strategy against it," Shah added.
He said further that terrorists are finding new ways to perpetrate violence, radicalise youth and raise financial resources, and that new methods in the form of virtual assets are being used by terrorists for financial transactions.
Noting that the theme of India’s G20 presidency is 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' or 'One Earth, One Family, One Future', Shah said it reflects the country's cultural heritage. The theme is perhaps the most relevant in today’s ‘Digital World’, he noted.
He said the technology has transcended all conventional geographical, political and economic boundaries, adding, "Today we live in a big global digital village."
"Although, technology is a positive development in bringing human beings, communities, and countries closer, there are also some anti-social elements and global forces, that are using technology to cause economic and social harm to citizens and governments. Therefore, this conference becomes all the more important as it can be an important global initiative towards coordinated action to make the digital world safer for all," Shah added.
He said initiatives for ‘digital delivery of services’ have transformed India into a ‘Digital Nation’ within a decade. But at the same time, Shah pointed out, the possibilities of cyber threats have also increased.
"According to Interpol’s ‘Global Trend Summary Report’ for the year 2022, some of the cybercrime trends such as ransomware, phishing, online scams, online child sexual abuse, and hacking are posing serious threats across the globe. There is a possibility that these cyber crimes will increase manifold in the future," he added.
In this context, Shah said, this summit is a new and unique initiative of the G20 Presidency. "This is the first conference on cyber security in the G-20. The G-20 has so far focused on digital transformation and data flow from an economic perspective, but now iit is very important to understand the aspects of crime and security and find a solution. It is our endeavor to stay ahead in the era of NFT, Al, Metaverse, and other emerging technologies by responding in a timely manner to new and emerging threats in a coordinated and cooperative approach," the Union Home Minister said.
Greater focus on cyber security at the G20 forum can make a positive contribution to ensuring the security and integrity of critical ‘information infrastructure’ and ‘digital public platforms’, he added.
"Discussion on cyber space security and cyber crime on the platform of G-20 will help in the development of the ‘Intelligence and Information Sharing Network’ and will give a boost to ‘Global Cooperation’ in this field," he added.
Shah further said the objective of this conference is to promote a secure and efficient international framework for empowering and securing ‘digital public goods' and digital ' public infrastructure' as well as optimally harnessing the power of technology. (ANI)

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