All weather governance
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All weather governance

Post by RK News on Monday, October 17, 2022

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Government is meant to serve people at all times. However, the test of its competency can better be gauged during testing times. Winter poses many challenges for a common Kashmiri. With the onset of winter in Kashmir, acquisition and management of energy requirements is a common discussion in every Kashmiri household. This has always been a norm in Kashmir as soon as winter announces its arrival. Winters in Kashmir are a test for its people and government. Preparedness and plans for access to places and essential resources illustrate administrative efficiency. During winters not only is the health of the people threatened but many inconveniences meet people when least expected – for instance the irregular supply of essentials due to bad weather conditions. In the past, unscheduled power cuts, faulty water supply lines,  limited timber usage, irregular gas supply, closed roads have been areas left unattended on most occasions. Govt and the concerned authorities must devise a comprehensive strategy to counter energy crisis during winters. It is a multi-faceted problem that needs a multi-dimensional and multi-agency approach. City hospitals must also wake up to the call and ensure that people do not suffer in the bitter winter months. UT administration and the health department must take note of the provisions in Valley’s hospitals and not just concentrate on few institutions in the city. Authorities must ensure that the needed medicines are available in all hospitals and that there is no shortage as it would be very difficult for people to go on searching in challenging weather. People should also share the responsibility and be extra careful with the food and exposure to cold. Lately, there has been lot of information disseminated on contaminated and unhygienic food. Food safety is still unfamiliar among the masses and more needs to be done in terms of spreading awareness on unsafe food. Health of people is a collective asset as people who get ill, sometimes by not being careful themselves, have to spend fairly large amounts to get well. The money spent on medical bills, tests and treatments is as much a loss to an individual or family as it is to the state. Also, checks by Drug and Food Control Organization officials should be a routine than a rare exercise in a year’s calendar. A proper analysis of Kashmir’s coldest period reveals that many problems associated with it are due to reasons other than the low temperatures. People continue to pay the price for lack of information than for nature’s fury. Keeping in view the harsh climatic conditions in Kashmir, it is high time that the administration steps up the protection against coming weather conditions and must provide all weather governance to the people, come what may.

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