Aleem Aijaz wins ‘Junior Flag Master’ award by identifying flags of 195 countries
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Aleem Aijaz wins ‘Junior Flag Master’ award by identifying flags of 195 countries

Post by on Thursday, June 10, 2021

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Srinagar, June 10: A 10-year-boy from Srinagar has become a sensation on the internet in Kashmir after he identified flags of 195 countries along with capitals, currencies in a record time to set a world record.
Abdul Aleem, who is now the world's junior expert, studies in class 6th student at Tyndale Biscoe School Srinagar. Earlier this month, on June 6th he appeared in an online show which was jointly organized by Anandashree Organization, India book of records, International Book of records and OMG books of records.
After Aleem identified flags of 195 countries along with their capitals, currencies in the programme, he was rewarded with the "Junior Flag Master" title and created a world record on his name by identifying flags in less time.
The event was hosted by India’s top educator Abha Jadhav while Prof. (Dr.) Dinesh Gupta and Anita Gupta judged his performance.
Aleem Aijaz told Rising Kashmir that it was the proud movement for his entire family and it took him three years to memorize and remember the flags of countries, currencies along with the capital cities.
“I was inspired by my US-settled maternal uncle who gifted me currencies of a few countries when I was quite little. It sparked interest in me and I started maintaining the current collection. Presently I have currencies from over 80 countries,” he said.
Aleem said apart from currencies, I started following football matches where teams usually display their national flags and which helped me in recognizing the flags.
“I am very happy after achieving this milestone. Regarding these countries, I am working on a book, which will be published this year and in the future will be exploring more ideas,” he said.
Aleem said children should spend time on outdoor games rather than spending time on online games so that the mind will remain fit and relaxed.
Aleem’s father Aijaz Ahmad, who is working in Jal Shakti Department told Rising Kashmir that his son had an inclination towards currencies and flags from his childhood and he aims to explore the world.
After witnessing this unique talent, his family started nurturing his unique talent. Aleem is presently pursuing a course on Robotics from NIT Srinagar and has developed several things including an automatic dustbin.
Apart from interest in flags and countries, Aijaz said Aleem has also memorized the three chapters of Holy Quran and by the grace of Almighty, he will soon memorise it fully.
“I have kept my mobile phone from my children and it is only because of Covid-19, we have provided them with the gadget to attend online classes. We always discourage them from online games,” he said.
“During Umrah at Saudi Arabia, Aleem met a lot of people and asked them to provide him with currencies for his collection. Aleem is a gift of Almighty Allah to our family,” he said.
Aleem is more interested in outdoor games and loves reading books. He also loves swimming and was awarded a gold medal in 2018 for his swimming skills.

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