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Admin fails to repair road in Kulgam village, people suffer

Admin assures fast track restoration work

Post by on Sunday, July 3, 2022

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 A road bypass on the bridge under construction in Adijan Kulgam has swept after the heavy rains hit due to heavy rains in last week in the valley.

The inhabitants of the Damhal Hanji Pora sub-district suffer in the absence of road connectivity. 
Residents who have to travel every day from DH Pora to the town of Kulgam use an alternative route which cost them more bus fares and time.
“The diversion has not been repaired thus far. We are still disconnected from the town of Kulgam by our regular and convenient route. We have to pass through Nehama which is a long road and adds seven more kilometres to our journey. It takes more time and money,” Amjid Rashid told Rising Kashmir. 
8 years later, the Adijan bridge is still being built, according to an official, by October-November, it will be completed. The work on this bridge started in 2014 and since then it has been going on at a snail’s pace. 
Also, the residents are requesting the higher authorities to ensure swift measures for the completion of the under-construction bridge so that the people of Sub Division D H Pora may get a sigh of relief.
Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner Kulgam, Dr Bilal Mohideen Bhat said, “the diversion on this road will be completed on the fast track basis and the main bridge by Oct-Nov this year.”

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