Absence of chief town planner in Srinagar sparks inconvenience for residents, department
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Absence of chief town planner in Srinagar sparks inconvenience for residents, department

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Saturday, June 17, 2023

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Srinagar, June 16: The prolonged absence of a chief Town Planner in Srinagar since March has caused significant inconvenience for both the city's residents and the town planning department. With the government yet to fill this critical position, the town planning organization finds itself in a state of disarray.
Employees within the department have revealed that they have not received salaries due to the vacancy of the Chief Town Planner post. The absence of someone assuming the responsibilities of this crucial role has resulted in financial difficulties for the employees, further exacerbating the issue.
Adding to the mounting concerns, residents of Srinagar have voiced their frustration over the lack of No Objection Certificates (NOCs) being issued. The absence of a Chief Town Planner has hindered their plans for construction and development, causing delays and disruptions. Furthermore, the Lakes and Conservation Management Authority has been unable to conduct essential BOKA meetings due to the unavailability of a chief official.
In response to these pressing issues, the people of Srinagar are urging the administration to expedite the appointment of a suitable candidate to fill the vacant post. They emphasize that swift action is necessary to alleviate the inconveniences faced by both the employees and the general public.
It is imperative that the government takes prompt action to fill the vacant position, ensuring the smooth functioning of the town planning department. Immediate steps should be taken to provide salaries to employees, resume the issuance of NOCs, and schedule essential meetings for the Lakes and Conservation Management Authority. Such measures are crucial to bringing much-needed relief to the common people and fostering the overall development of the city.
The residents of Srinagar anxiously await a resolution to this issue and hope for the swift appointment of a Chief Town Planner to restore normalcy and enable the effective management of the city's planning and development endeavors.

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