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I value being a woman who is independent, courageous, confident, calm, loyal, and courteous in her different responsibilities in life such as mother, daughter, friend, wife, student, sister, teacher, and being a girl and woman

Post by on Friday, March 11, 2022

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 Orange Colour for being a Student

Orange is associated with creativity, adventure, zeal, success, and balance. Even if no one else believes in her vision, a female student believes in herself. She knows she has what it takes to accomplish her goals. She recognises that she will make mistakes and recognises that one or two errors do not define her. A female student sees in others what she needs assistance recognising in herself. She is willing to make the effort (sacrifice) necessary to inspire, motivate, and mentor others. She does not let her worries, insecurities, inadequacies, or the perceptions of others about her prevent her from fighting for what she values. As a student, she possesses the fortitude to face many of life's problems.


Yellow Colour for being a Teacher

This colour has a really pleasant energy that makes feel alive and energised the moment see it. It is represented as beginning the day on a high note. It inspires thoughts of joy, brightness, optimism, and summer, as well as deception and forewarning. Despite her domestic responsibilities and various physical, emotional, and mental problems, she stands strong for herself, her family, her society, and her country. She is fully enamoured with her feminism and will not allow anyone to exploit her. She is capable of working professionally as well as managing a household.She is both the boss/teacher and the mother. Her attitude is her power, and she believes that everyone is equal, and that no one is above or below everyone else. Her life is nothing short of a fascinating storey, with highs and lows at every turn, but she never frowns. She has every reason to be proud to be a teacher.


Red Colour for being a Soul mate/ wife       

It connotes excitement, passion, energy, and action. It is the most powerful colour, and as such, it may elicit the most intense feelings. Because a wife recognises that her husband cannot be flawless, she does not attempt to shape him into her ideal model. Rather, she adapts to his nature and corrects his flaws when he makes mistakes.She demonstrates both concern and compassion. She is sensitive to the requirements of the family and works hard to find a solution. She recognises her husband's frustration and strives to make him happy. Regardless of how hectic her schedule is, the wife takes time to be with her husband. A wife's job in a man's life is to be a source of encouragement and support. One of a wife's qualities in both good and terrible times is to encourage and show her spouse that he is appreciated. When men face adversity, they lose sight of their worth. A wife, on the other hand, reminds them of their enormous worth. She makes no apologies for prioritising the needs and desires of her family.


A wife goes above and beyond to make her home comfortable for her husband and children. She never cheats because her hubby is her sole lover. Furthermore, she may have close friends, but her husband is her best buddy. If she has any unresolved concerns, she initially consults with her husband, who also serves as her best friend. One of the most significant qualities of a wife is her ability to ensure that her husband realises his full potential. She gives her husband the dedication and support he needs to conquer the grounds. She understands how powerful her position in the family is, and she uses it to benefit her husband and home.She has the ability to lend a listening ear since she understands how important it is for efficient communication. As a result, rather than just hearing, she listens in order to comprehend her husband. When her husband wants to talk to her about something, she blocks out all distractions in order to focus on him. She also takes her spiritual life seriously because she knows it benefits her husband and her family. She prays for her spouse and her home on a regular basis, and she meditates. She also ensures that her husband is doing well spiritually since it helps them unite in faith. When things look grim at home, she understands she must have a cheerful attitude in order for the atmosphere to remain calm. She not only maintains a happy attitude, but she also keeps the house in good condition, even when it is difficult.


Green Colour for being a Mother

Green is quiet colour. It symbolizes nature, green is one of the most beautiful and comforting colours that attracts harmonious feelings that can diffuse anxiety and helps us stay calm and refreshed. It has stress reducing shades in the colour family. It is used for processing and healing and highly connected to nature. A mother is a role model for her kids and is always their first love. Patience, respect, source of unconditional love is a few of the many attributes of a mother. Motherhood is a self-taught adventure for her, and her instincts are not learned. Her devotion to her children propels her to greatness, even as she tries to keep herself together on difficult days and situations. She is reliable, and her children know she will always be there for them. She always speaks to her children, even while they are rolling around and sucking their teeth. She may yell now and then, but she doesn't have to because she has made herself quite plain. Her children are aware of her will and realise that disobedience will result in severe consequences.


The mother has no conflict of interest when it comes to anticipated behaviour; she feels no guilt when she erects obstacles to groom her children. When her children fight against her, she does not cry out in desperation. No, a mother realises that imposing temporary constraints will provide magnificent rewards in the end. She is adamant that her children achieve in whatever their small hearts want. She gathers the tools required for her children to be in their best zone. She understands that she is accountable for her children's life, and she embraces that responsibility wholeheartedly. As a result, it exudes a sense of assurance and devotion. It's the journey of royalty. Strength, grandeur, opulence, intellect, and spirituality are all connected with it. I'm proud to be a woman because I don't just exist as a woman. I value being a woman who is independent, courageous, confident, calm, loyal, and courteous in her different responsibilities in life, such as mother, daughter, friend, wife, student, sister, teacher, and being a girl and woman.





(Insha Rasool is Research Scholar, Department Of Education, Kashmir University) 



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