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The goal of this theme is to recognize women as dynamic individuals at all stages of their lives

Post by on Wednesday, March 9, 2022

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What makes women beautiful?

For me, it's her journey through a colourful existence, since she doesn't have the same colour all the time; it's a brave experience. Let's get this colourful journey started by following her. The goal of this theme is to recognise women as dynamic individuals at all stages of their lives. I'm commemorating and wishing all the women who have been inspired by their multi-coloured journey by dedicating this theme to me and all the women who have been inspired by their multi-coloured experience.


Let's take a look at each of the colours that are linked with her.

Pink Is the Colour of Growing Up

Pink is connected with unrequited love and care. Pink can also be considered girly, frivolous, and infantile. It is also a sign of hope. It's a cheerful colour that promotes feelings of comfort and security, as well as the certainty that everything will be well. This colour depicts the characteristics of the time period, most notably being a female, because it fosters tranquillity and peace. Its tranquillity helps energy balance. Despite being frivolous and infantile, the girl in her upbringing has unconditional affection in her heart, and she always finds a way to transmit this affection among her close and extended family members, strangers, neighbours, and acquaintances.


White Colour for being a Daughter

White denotes purity, fullness, wholeness, or innocence; it is brilliant and can add space or highlights. It represents the most full and pure colour spectrum. It is a protective and encouraging colour, providing a sense of serenity and tranquilly, comfort and hope, and aiding in the relief of emotional upheavals. It adds light and a sense of freshness. It's naturally upbeat and optimistic. It is the ideal colour to be surrounded with during times of stress in order to achieve mental clarity. But keep in mind that white should be a clean, brilliant white, not too stark, because if it seems dusty and dull, your emotions will reflect that dullness. All of these features can be found in a parent-daughter relationship. When parents connect with their daughters, the positive impact can be substantial because they have a special link. A daughter-parent relationship acts as a form of meditation, clearing away all fears and allowing you to focus more. The daughter is the one who constantly lends a sympathetic ear to those in need. She looks after her parents like a child, the way a grown-up would look after a loved one. Daughters' love allows parents to be more authoritative without becoming aggressive; a daughter's love makes a parent strong enough to combat whatever comes in the way courageously. Finally, daughters have a huge part in their daughters' lives. Her engagement is critical to the proper development of their relationship with their parents.


Gold Colour for being a Sister

It is the colour of success, accomplishment, and triumph, and it is connected with abundance and prosperity, luxury and quality, prestige and refinement, value, and elegance. It exudes charisma, personality, and uniqueness, making people feel at ease and respected. As the saying goes, blood is thicker than water, and sisters have one of the strongest relationships of any group. A sister is like a second mother, and every brother admires this attribute in a sister. And it is one of the qualities of a sister that binds brother and sister in the bond of eternal love. Even if they dispute over little matters, they will not hesitate to lend a shoulder to weep on or to go on a pizza run to help each other get over a breakup the next second. Siblings may call each other up and take up where they left off without worrying about awkward silences or keeping grudges, even if they haven't talked in a while. Sisters are their brothers' helpful hands. The majority of the boys are well-known for their lack of discipline and unkempt appearance. They always keep their rooms cluttered and never put their belongings in one place. This is the sister that organises the brother's room and keeps all of his belongings in one location. A sister is the most selfless person in a brother's life. She never thinks about herself and always prioritizes her brother. She is the one who can sacrifice her favourite things and her desire just to fulfil the desire of her brother. Sisters don’t sugar-coat anything. She is never concerned about herself and always prioritises her brother. She is the one who is willing to forego her favourite things and desires in order to satisfy her brother's desires. Nothing is sugar-coated in the eyes of the Sisters. They are always truthful with their siblings, even if it appears harsh or insensitive. They want the best for them and will not be afraid to put everything on the line. Sister is the only one who knows everything. She has witnessed her siblings at their worst and does not pass judgement on them. She's been by her siblings' sides during their darkest moments and most difficult battles, supporting them. Sisters are regarded for having hearts that are pure, innocent, and loving. They are always the most humble people.


Blue Colour for being a Friend

This colour is exactly how it seems. It has a wonderful ability to alleviate stress since it is peaceful, serene, and soothing. It is a highly calming colour that helps to relax the mind, slow the pulse rate, drop blood pressure, and reduce worry. Blue is thought to offer cooling and astringent properties. A female friend will constantly encourage you to strive on your personal development. Her role is to assist friends in becoming perfect persons by guiding them in the proper route. A female best friend is an excellent listener; she will take in everything her pals have to say. She will listen to anything without fear of being judged, no matter how long you continue to babble. She will keep secrets and unconditionally adore her pals without judgement or conditions. Even if she is no longer in contact with her friends, she will not share secrets to anyone, no matter how close they are. She not only knows the complete secret, but she also motivates people in difficult situations. The words she uses are the most inspiring. She knows exactly how to help her pals deal with whatever they are going through. A girl's bestie is the person who wipes their tears, lends them a shoulder to cry on, listens to all of their concerns, and finds methods to cheer them up.


      (To be continued…)


(Insha Rasool is Research Scholar, Department Of Education, Kashmir University)

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