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A snowman’s prayer

Post by on Monday, January 10, 2022

First slide

Snowfall comes and shivers come.

Shivers and shudders and trembles come.

An uninvited guest Comes and sits for days wide and long.

Dressed in pure white robes clads everything in white.

So beautiful, dazzling and enchanting all.

The flakes come dancing as if swaying in merriment.

Touching the breast of earth as if a child sprawling in her mother's lap.

How exciting and amazing is the first sight of a snowfall.

A wonder from the heavens for man to ponder.

Send to revive the life of resourceful earth.

Its life giving water and snow laden glaciers.

Send to remove the long left dullness and dryness from earth.

And to freshen it up like a brides make up.

But how ignorant is the man of this blessing.

Cursing and rebuking this natures gift.

Not knowing its real aesthetic and essence.

Man who has made for him many makeshift comforts and conveniences.

Thinks that it is natures fury when the comforts fall.

Would that a man knoweth, whatever his Lord has willed for him is better for him.

Would that a man can't see the wood for the trees.

Being a part of the big cosmos, must he think for the entire thing.

He shouldn't live as if only he has to live.

He must be sensitive about the other creations too.

The creations who share the planet with him.

And like a master thinks for all of his servants.

The Lord has to think and plan for all.


(Er. Rouf Maqbool can be mailed at rouf.maqbool@gmail.com)

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