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A month-long detox: Cleansed digestive system
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A month-long detox: Cleansed digestive system

Post by on Saturday, April 9, 2022

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Ramadan acts as a fantastic detox for your body. By not eating or drinking throughout the day your body will be offered the rare chance to detoxify your digestive system. Fasting allows the gut to cleanse and strengthen its lining. A self-cleansing process called autophagy gets stimulated where cells remove the damaged and dangerous particles. A human body naturally detoxifies after a month of flushing out of the toxins in the body. Further, it balances the heat generation and acidity levels in stomach, whilst promoting a cleansed digestive system.  This body cleanse will leave a healthy blank slate behind and is the perfect stepping stone to a consistently healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Farah K. Usmani,

Global Health and Development Expert based in New York


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