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A Burning Candle....

Post by on Tuesday, February 22, 2022

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Would that You take a Candle for a lesson.

Would that You know its purpose and mission.

No matter how small or big it may be, light is all that it is for.

It gives light, that may live, may it be not.

It has no other purpose and mission, than to give light.


A candle gives light and chooses not, whom it should shine its light upon and whom it should not.

Burning its existence, it lights ups faces, homes and dungeons.

Drop by drop it burns and rays of light shines.

Melting its body for a cause, it is willing to breathe its last.

Does get darkness scared, when a candle is burnt.

Darkness has to depart when a candle grows to light.

Just as Falsehood departs when Truth comes to light.


Would that Your Heart be a believers Heart.

Would that Your Heart be a Living Sun.

Would that Your Heart burns to give a blaze.

And You draw up a candle from Your glowing Breast.

Spreading light of Your awakened soul.

The light that would wipe the gloom of gloomy faces.

The light that comes as if Mercy from Your Lord.

The light that showers like the rain from heavens.

And brings up flowers from the dried up land.

The light that shines as a torch of goodness, showing way to the strayed lot.

The light that is a glowing torch of guidance in gloomy wilderness.


The candle that flickers with the name of Your Lord.

The candle that beats with tasbih of Your Lord.

If Your heart is a living Candle.

Will Your face be like a shining Moon.


You don't think about who is getting.

Think about You are blessed with giving.

Let the season of giving be Yours.

Don't delay it by withholding.

Like a candle perishes its body.

You will perish, but Your light shall remain.

Like a candle that loses not its light, when lighting other candles.


Only then will you be remembered throughout seasons.

Only then will You serve Your purpose on earth.

And Will You gain Your Lords favour.


And would that you take a Candle for a lesson.


(The Writer can be mailed at rouf.maqbool@gmail.com)

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