761 terror incidents, over 1,000 terrorists eliminated between 2018 & 2022:  Govt
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761 terror incidents, over 1,000 terrorists eliminated between 2018 & 2022:  Govt

Post by Irfan Yattoo on Thursday, August 10, 2023

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Srinagar, Aug 09: In a startling revelation, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Nityanand Rai, revealed the harrowing statistics of terror-related incidents in Jammu and Kashmir from 2018 to 2022. A total of 1,002 terrorists were eliminated in a chilling count of 761 terror attacks during this period, leaving an indelible mark on both civilian lives and security personnel.
Responding in writing to an inquiry, Minister Rai disclosed that over the course of the aforementioned years, the region witnessed the loss of 174 civilians, 308 security personnel, and 1,002 terrorists due to the prevailing unrest.
Further delving into the numbers, the data highlighted that out of the 761 terror attacks, a distressing 35 civilians fell victim to violence in the midst of 626 encounters that unfolded within the same timeframe. The impact on security personnel was also profound, with a staggering toll of 308 lives lost during these grave incidents.
Union Minister Rai also elaborated on a central scheme established by the Ministry of Home Affairs, aimed at extending assistance to civilian victims and families affected by acts of terrorism, communal strife, Left-Wing Extremism (LWE) violence, cross-border firing, and mine or improvised explosive device (IED) blasts on Indian soil. The scheme, operational since 2008, provides vital support to affected families in the form of financial assistance, he said.
"The compensation ranges from Rs 3 lakh to 5 lakh, effective from August 24, 2016, onwards. The state governments facilitate these payments and subsequently claim reimbursement," he stated.
Union Minister said the disclosed figures underscore the complexities and challenges the region continues to grapple with in maintaining security and peace. The losses incurred in terms of human lives among civilians, security forces, and terrorists serve as a grim reminder of the persistent struggle to restore stability in Jammu and Kashmir, he said. 

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