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Youth of Kashmir hopeless about future: NC

Party leaders accuse govt of ‘robbing’ employment opportunities of J&K youth

Post by on Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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Srinagar, May 23: National Conference (NC) general secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar Monday accused the government of robbing employment opportunities of J&K youth, who constitute the most anxious category of the population.
This he said while addressing a one day convention of functionaries, workers and delegates at Safa Kadal, Eidgah.
According to a party statement, the meeting was presided over and convened by party's senior leader and former speaker Mubarak Gul, NC provincial president Nasir AslamWani, district president Peer Afaq were also present.
Sagar said the incumbent administration is hell bent to close existing avenues of employment for our youth. “The insensitive government order on Rehbar e Khel, Ziraat is a case in point. This government is bypassing all the established norms and is playing with the future of thousands of educated youth who were duly appointed following a cabinet approval,” he said.
“It seems that this makeshift administration has an utter disconnect with the youth. Those who were engaged under various schemes by previous governments are being shown the door on one pretext or another. The much-touted ’Insaniyat’, ’Jamhuriat’ and ‘Kashmiryat’ is a fairy tale to them. There is a clear and visible political vacuum on the ground, which has compounded the woes of our youth,” he added.
Mubarak Gul tabled various resolutions, which were unanimously passed by the functionaries, delegates and workers. The resolutions passed called for making Shahar-e-Khas a symbol of cultural and heritage.
“Unfortunately it is on the verge of losing this chapter of history. Party is committed to the protection of historical position, political centrality and upgradation of the city's infrastructure,” Gul said.
In addition to that, the resolutions espoused the party's concern over the widespread development deficit, unemployment, plight of artisans, poor amenities and crumbling road infrastructure in the city.
“Development in Srinagar has not happened in the past five years because there has been no proper planning and no prioritisation. Contrarily projects which were started by the previous NC led government have been put into a lurch. Issues like unemployment, rising prices of essential commodities, food and water, security, erratic power cuts, and the disabled, environmental danger define today's Srinagar. Urban poverty, urban unemployment is growing. Our artisans are facing innumerable challenges,” he said.
Nasir AslamWani said that Kashmiri youth face economic insecurity, a combination of joblessness and a sharp annual increases in the cost of living has further pushed them to wall. He said the need of the hour calls for urgent conversation and consensus on prioritizing the economic security and financial stability of Kashmiri youth who face the problem of educated unemployment.

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