You are what you eat !
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You are what you eat !

Post by on Tuesday, July 6, 2021

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The population world wide is sinking into obesity and chronic sickness.It is time for a radical rethink.Resurgence of low carb, high fat diet in recent years is cornerstone for healthy life style .Carbohydrates ,proteins and fats all are macronutrients. Carbohydrates raises glucose the most and stimulates insulin the most.Proteins does not raise blood glucose but also raises insulin modestly ( animal proteins more than plant proteins).Fat doesn't raise glucose or insulin.
Scientific basis of healthy eating.
Drink more water
Naturally occurring carbs are ok but in moderation if sweet.Processed carbs are toxic.Less refined carbs with low glycemic index are ok in small amounts.
Don't avoid natural fats (dairy products).Trans fat is unhealthy .
Protein is essential but too much is a problem.
Non starchy veggies can be consumed without limit.
 " Rainbow diet ( fruits and vegetables of different colours) concept is good  ".
Dr Sajad Majid Qazi 
Professor and HOD 
GMC Anantnag

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