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XEN Jal Shakti Division Poonch conducts whirlwind tour of Surankote

Post by on Monday, August 22, 2022

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Poonch, Aug 21: Executive Engineer Jal Shakti (PHE) Division Poonch, Muneer Hussain on Sunday conducted a whirlwind tour of Surankote to get firsthand account of the public grievances and listened to people’s problems post flash floods. He was accompanied by AEEs, AEs, and field staff of Surankote. 
The Councillor, SaikaShaheen of the flood affected  Ward along with the public thanked the XEN Jal Shakti (PHE) for restoration of water supply by Providing Rising Main pipeline which was washed in the floods.
She appreciated the department for understanding the genuine problem of the people and resolving the issue of water which is a basic necessity of life.
She also thanked AEE Jal Shakti (PHE) Mechanical Sub Division Poonch for quick response and listening to their grievances during odd hours with their redressal. On the occasion, the XEN passed several directions to the staff for immediate compliance with regard to the measures for providing uninterrupted water supply and reaching out to the public.
Later, the Executive Engineer Jal Shakti (PHE) Division Poonch visited Panchayat Seri Chowana and listened to the issues of the Public. The Local Sarpanch  Manjoor Hussain highlighted the issues of his panchayat. The Executive Engineer Jal Shakti (PHE) Division Poonch gave a patient hearing to the PRI members, delegations and individuals and passed on the spot directions to the concerned officers for early redress of their genuine grievances.
The Sarpanch Seri Chowana along with the public thanked XEN Jal Shakti for reaching out to them for listening to their genuine problems.

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