Women's health: WHAT IS CHLOASMA?
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Women's health: WHAT IS CHLOASMA?

Post by on Friday, September 17, 2021

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CHLOASMA is a Skin Condition that can affect 50-70% of Pregnant Women.Also known as MELASMA OR CHLOASMA GRAVIDARUM...."THE MASK OF PREGNANCY".Chloasma is characterized by Symmetrical Patches of Dark Skin,Commonly seen on the Cheeks, Upper Lip,Forehead & Chin that can
Resemble a Mask Pattern almost like a
Raccoon.Chloasma occurs most often during the Summertime,due to Increased Sun Exposure.
In many cases,Hyperpigmentation may respond well to simple Home Remedies. 
1.Apple cider vinegar
To use this remedy, apply 1 part apple cider vinegar and 1 part water to the pigmented area for a few minutes, twice daily.
2.Yogurt or milk
Applying yogurt or milk directly to the pigmented area. 
3.Green tea
4.Vitamin C Rich Sources Like Lemon, Grapefruit &Papaya etc
5.Grinded Red Onion
6.Aloe Vera Gel
7.Liquorice Extract
8.Mulberry Leaves and its Extract
Dr Khalid Ur Rehman 
MD physician, Medical Officer J&K Health Services

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