Women's health: Tips for a healthy pregnancy
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Women's health: Tips for a healthy pregnancy

Post by on Saturday, August 7, 2021

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1. Plan your pregnancy.  Unplanned, unintentional pregnancy can cause harm both to mother and child.
2. Take folic acid before you are pregnant to prevent birth defects in the baby.
3. The old adage eating for two in pregnancy is not correct.
4. Have plenty of fibre to prevent constipation. 
5. Eat foods rich in protein, calcium and iron.
6. Do not eat raw foods prepared outside the home.
7. Drink plenty of water.  Avoid juices.
8. Monitor your weight gain. Maintain a healthy weight as overweight can cause diabetes and birth complications. 
9. Ensure your doctor monitors your BP at every visit.
10. Get tested for diabetes. 
11. Rest and relaxation is important.  Do not lift heavy weights. 
12. Physical activity is essential to prevent backache and moodiness. 
13. Plan your delivery.  Keep all essentials ready. 
14. Please do not take any meds unless prescribed by your doctor. 
15. Wear comfortable clothes and comfy shoes.
16. Do not change a cats litter box or play with cats. An infection which is innocuous in adults can cause defects in the baby if contracted during pregnancy. 
17. In case you have bleeding PV, loss of baby's movements,  sudden weight gain, headache , dizziness,  pain in the belly please seek emergency care.
Dr Rehana Kousar
Consultant Maternal and Child Health

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