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To protect against the dry skin or drying effects of bathing, try these tips:
?Limit frequency of bathing
Bathing once a day or every other day is sufficient for most people.
?Limit time and temperature
Use warm (not hot) water for a maximum of 15 minutes.
?Select soaps carefully
Choose superfatted, nonsudsing soaps that clean without removing natural oil. Soap substitutes in bar, gel and liquid forms are less drying than are deodorant and antibacterial soaps.
?Limit use of soap
Limit use of soap to your face, underarms, genital areas, hands and feet. Using clear water on the other areas of your body cleans adequately most of the time.
?Pat dry, don’t rub
When toweling dry, pat your skin gently. Or brush your skin rapidly with the palms of your hands.
?Seal in moisture
Lubricate your skin with an oil or cream,
especially on your legs, arms, back and sides. A heavy moisturizer (water-in-oil formula) is longer lasting than a light
cream that contains more water than oil (oil-in-water formula).
Dr Tasaduk Itoo

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