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Women's health: Drug use during pregnancy

Post by on Wednesday, August 25, 2021

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Women experience specific illnesses related to their physiology and reproductive health. One of them being pregnancy. A very important issue that is often underemphasized in the education of health professionals and thereby to women is drug use in pregnancy and lactation thereby apart from the role of clinicians. Active patient participation is essential as optimal treatment of illness during pregnancy sometimes differs from those used in non-pregnant patients. The capacity of a drug to cause foetal abnormalities when administered to a pregnant mother is referred to as teratogenicity(teratos in Greek means monster)as placenta does not constitute a strict barrier and any drug can cross it to greater or lesser extent. Most drugs currently suspected of being teratogenic in humans increase the frequency of congenital malformations by 2-3 fold. It is, therefore, wise to avoid all drugs during pregnancy, unless compelling reasons exist for their use, regardless of the assigned pregnancy category or presumed safety.
Dr.Mohammad Younis Bhat
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology, GMC Srinagar

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