Women's health: Diabetes and Women
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Women's health: Diabetes and Women

Post by on Wednesday, November 10, 2021

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Women with diabetes have more complications than men. Diabetic women are four times more at risk of heart disease than men.
Diabetes related complications like blindness, kidney disease and depression are more common in women. 
Many women have a yeast infection of the urine and develop urinary tract infection especially if the blood sugar level is high. 
To prevent these keep your blood sugar under control, wear cotton underwear, drink plenty of water. Urinate often and please do not hold urine. 
Women who are diabetic and planning to get pregnant should keep in mind that diabetes makes pregnancy high risk. 
Diabetes puts the pregnant women at risk of high blood pressure or preeclampsia, stillbirth and big babies. 
Women being the nurturers can help the entire family to prevent diabetes by cooking and planning healthy meals.
Children should be encouraged to eat fruits and veggies from an early age.
Limit or stop the use of processed and packaged foods, sugary drinks and refined carbs. 
Build exercise into your daily life. I don’t have time is a constant refrain but its not essential to do it in one stretch. 
Break your exercise into small ten minute segments.
Check your blood sugar regularly and know the foods which raise it. 
Get enough sleep and stay positive.
Dr Rehana Kousar
Consultant Maternal and Child Health